mMost addictive apps and games 2017

Addictive apps and games that you must try in 2017

By | February 24, 2017

App usage has been increasing steadily for the purposes of entertaining and improving human’s live. Each year tons of new apps are created, so keeping the users stay with your apps is important. App developers have been keeping this in mind while creating apps that make the users can’t help opening every day or the games that you would play until bedtime and wake up playing them immediately. Games like Minecraft, Pacman, Super Mario, Tetris, Flappy Bird, Angry Bird are great examples.

Let’s go through MobyteLab’s choices of most addictive apps, including games that are ready to rock the world in 2017. Be ready, once you’ve entered, it’s hard to escape.

  1. Tricky Trip
tricky trip most addictive game

Tricky Trip

Tricky Trip is an endless run type game and could you realize that endless run games are always addictive. The rule is to use tricky moves to roll a ball down through an infinite tube and try to avoid falling into blank space. Actually, it’s the tube you must control, not the ball itself. The more you rotate the tube, the faster the ball move forward. Use your thumbs to navigate the ball staying on the tube as long as possible. Tricky Trip is a great package of many cool things. The rules are easy to get. The interface and intuitive one-touch controls make the game super easy and fun to play. But what makes you be more addicted to the game is the extremely unpretentious mystery in the adventure you can’t wait to know. You can enhance your power, upgrade your running speed, unlock new special ball types by collecting coins.

The game has even been concerned by parents for being way too addictive for their children. The game once again affirms that simple games that require skillfulness are always easy to pick up but hard to put down.

Tricky Trip is available on Android and iOS.

  1. PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator
pewdiepies-tuber-simulator most addictive game app

Pewdiepies Tuber Simulator

Inspired by one of the hottest internet stars, PewDiePie, The Tuber Simulator lets you follow his footsteps by organizing your very own channel, creating videos and gaining views and subscribers. By gaining a certain amount of views and subs, as well as complete quests, you are able to buy new items such as furniture, equipment, clothes and even pets by creating your very own pocket. More features that keep you stick to the game: Weekly events to crown favorited players through voting, showing your room online, connecting with friends to receive wonderful gifts, challenging other players in the survival arena on Facebook and more.

The fun fact is that the real voice acting is delivered by PewDiePie himself, which will make his fans be blessed. The 2.5D isometric retro look of this game is also something entertaining and draw attention.

  1. Color Switch
color-switch most addictive game app

Color Switch

With over 125,000,000 downloads worldwide, Color Switch is a must-try game this year. The game features some obstacles that have different color patterns you have to pass through with a ball. Tap the ball carefully on each color-matching obstacle to cross it. It the color doesn’t match, the game is over. Your ball can switch color with some powerups. This game needs a good coordination and a very solid attention.

The challenge is sure to make you play non-stop for weeks because once you lose, you just tend to restart the level immediately.

  1. Steppy Pants
steppy pants most addictive game app

Steppy Pants

Steppy Pants is the most realistic walking simulator that is expected to drive the world crazy this year. You have to make the character take a stroll without stepping on the cracks between concrete segments or on the gaps between crosswalk lines.

Simple as it seems to be, it is actually quite hard to control the two thin legs that seem to go in all the different directions. So keep your head cool because the game is worth trying to test your patience. The game provides endless hours of both fun and amusingly frustration that makes you play again and again.

  1. Allo
Allo Google most addictive game app

Allo with Google Assistant feature

Allo is more than just a messenger, it’s the future of Google Search. To get users move from other messaging apps, Allo has to have something special. And here comes the Google Assistant. It means you can have a conversation with Google, ask it questions and get your answers directly in your chats. All you need to do is mentioning @google to bring your Assistant into any group chat or chat one-one with your Assistant in Allo. It is improving more and more to provide you great features that make you stay in the chatbot all day.

  1. Slack
slack most addictive game app

Slack on different devices

Messaging apps are always making up on the list of most addictive apps as the main reason for people to use their phone is still for staying in touch with others. Many messaging apps are created each year but slack would make you be loyal for its outstanding features for teamwork. Slack allows you to organize team conversations around projects, plans, or send direct messages, make calls, and share files within teams.

Slack is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

  1. Just Press Record
just press record most addictive game app

Just Press Record

This easy-to-use app provides extra features that make the voice recording more fun and convenient to use. It goes from unlimited recording time, recording in the background while you are using other apps, and offering text transcription in several languages.

Just Press Record is available for iOS and Apple Watch.

  1. 500px
500px most addictive game app


500px is an inspiring online community for photography lovers who just want to do more than just using a photo editor app with silly, preset looks. Build up your skills by sharing your photos with other enthusiasts every day. Showcase your best work by creating your own portfolio and display your photos in high quality. You have the whole room to promote your creativity. Who knows if you can get a chance to be recognized by big international brands? You might get busy collecting thousands of incredible images from the continuous feed in the Galleries based on your personal visual, from people whom you follow or get recommendations related to the photos they like. The app’s gorgeous design may make you love photography more and more.

500px is available for Android and iOS.

  1. Hyperlapse
hyperlapse most addictive game app


Time-lapse videos have been possible to be created nowadays within a tripod. Now, Hyperlapse even makes it easier by allowing users to create time-lapse videos without the need for a tripod or expensive equipment. What is more magical is that even when you’re moving, Hyperlapse helps you to polish your videos so you ultimately get a smooth and stable footage. The app not only allows you to record the video live but also create a time-lapse version of any videos you’ve already shot on your phone. There are multiple choices of speed levels for you to choose.

Hyperlapse is available for Android and iOS.

  1. IFTTT
IFTTT most addictive game app


Users seem to be addicted to apps that are strong on utility. IFTTT provide daily utility in a unique way. IFTTT helps you to create your own recipes of automatic activities. For example, if you create the “if” action “if add a new contact in my email”, you can also add the resulting act “then save that person’s contact information to my notes account.”

IFTTT is available for Android and iOS.

  1. SideKix
sidekix most addictive game app


SideKix is the app that is specially made for pedestrians who love city walking and. The app helps you to discover trending places around you by providing lists rated by local bloggers. Even the map is created for people who walk, not for vehicles. SideKix also enables you to plan a trip, share your favorite places or real-time route. SideKix makes the act of setting the routes more interesting. Unlike other navigation apps, SideKix set up the route for you not only based on distance as ordinary but also on your interests, like what you want to see and do along the way. If you’re type of person that love exploring new interesting places, you can get fun every day using this app.

SideKix is available for Android and iOS.


The most addictive apps have something in common, which are either giving you something new every day or building you regular habits. Creating an app or game that people love is a big achievement, but creating an app or game people get obsessed with will bring you both enormous profit and reputation.