How to choose rockstar developers

How to choose rockstar developers for your tech team?

By | April 19, 2017

Recruiting is somehow a kind of investing. A right choice would lead to an appropriate success. If you already had a wise plan to attract tech talent, here comes the harder part of choosing the right ones for your team, because obviously, you can’t hire them all. Although the number of software graduates is increasing significantly in recent years, it’s tough even for big companies such as Microsoft to hire the right guy for the job.

In most cases, a development team can rule or even shape a business daily operation, especially in companies which are heavily tech-influenced. If you are aiming for rockstar developers, did you know what defines them from average ones?

What defines great software developers from good ones?

Before hiring a software developer, here are the few necessary qualifications you need to check out:

Technical Skills & Soft skills

Obviously assessing their technical skills is the most important thing. To do this best, it is suggested that you require a work sample or a developing test. A test will help you to be sure that the candidates can deliver the skills that he possesses, so you won’t make a dumb investment in them. Testing for professionalism is pretty difficult anyway. The test should enable the developers to utilize their professional skills in the best possible way, and depend on the kind of work you expect from them. The ones you choose should be the one that meets your criteria.

The technical skills of a developer matter a lot. But obviously so do the soft skills! Therefore don’t underestimate these below skills when assessing your candidates.

Analytical mind

Analytical mind means that the developer has the ability to think, observe and remember data, then resolve problems based on these activities. Though having an analytical mind is normally an inborn ability, solving many algorithmic and logic problems can increase the basic level of analytical thinking ability.

Be Strategic and Visionary

Creating software is like playing chess – to win you need to have clever tactics as well as being able to predict a few moves ahead. A strategic mind considers the progress as a whole, not just as the small part he is currently working on. While a visionary mind contemplates things until the end and understands the impact of a small piece on the overall result. Both are good qualifications for a software developer. Simply stating, a good developer knows what he is currently doing and be able to see the bigger picture.

Business-oriented thinking

A developer that provides high-quality products but doesn’t manage to satisfy customers’ needs is a good, but not a great developer. The business-oriented thinking is the ability to understand software from a business perspective, use technical solutions to cover business problems and cooperate with people from non-technical stuff. A developer with business-oriented thinking can potentially avoid a lot of problems including misunderstandings or usability lacks.

Teamwork eagerness

Software development is certainly not a one-man show, as most tasks of do require a certain amount of cooperation. If a project is supposed to be successful, the communication inside the team is probably the major key. Exchanging thoughts, ideas, knowledge and experience can boost the efficiency and the quality of the solution. A developer who is not eager or able to communicate with other team members will not be able to fit in the team and in the development process. Therefore, making an investment in a balanced squad with multiple great players is much better than a single superstar.

Time Management ability

Making an effective use of your time can be a struggle. Be a software professional in this turbo-charged world, sometimes you feel like moving against rapid-fire tidal waves. Software developers are always pressed for time between completing long-term projects and daily tasks. To become an amazing software developer, both teams and individuals need to have practices to effectively manage their time so they can ensure productivity.

Self-educating ability

Are you content with the skills you own? To stay ahead of others, you need to cultivate an inner thirst for knowledge. Always be aware of the latest happenings in your field, self-educate, a mindset to learn from other teammates, actively participate in discussions, read authoritative articles and believe that you still need to learn more.


A software developer should not only be original but also be creative. With respect to software engineering, there is no limitation for imagination and creativity. When you discover new areas, engage in more intelligent practices, you gain more perspective on how to solve problems. If you still cling to those traditional hard rules to programming, you will be left behind. Software creativity is one attribute that distinguishes great developers from others. Nowadays managers should obviously look to this talent even though there are many candidates with years of experience and an outstanding academic profile.

Academic qualification

The professional academic background may not be important in other fields, but not for technology. Studies suggest that developers who are not properly educated on the background of the programming field usually lack technical expertise.

So it is essential to give bonus points to those software developers that hold some professional degree in the relevant field or at least has done majors in Computer Science to ensure that they aware of the basics of programming, coding and language structures.


What’s more?

Besides those 9 main factors, you are also recommended to look for candidates with a curious mind, flexibility, attention to detail etc.

Choosing the right candidates is sometimes cumbersome and what matters more is miss-hirings are expensive and even disastrous for young start-ups.

If you are struggling to find talents in your domestic market due to high demand, you can try your luck in developing countries with lower salary rate but rocketing growth in software development. Besides India and China, Vietnam is rising up as a promising land which is full of fresh and dynamic tech talent. However, do you have confident in managing employees from a distant area? If you’re afraid of mismanagement which can be a serious risk, just outsource instead of hiring an in-house one. No need to be in vain searching, we provide an Avengers squad in hand that can serve you all you need!