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Unique app ideas that turn out to be useless

By | April 25, 2017

So you are always encouraged to come up with a unique app idea that wows people in the first sight. But not every strange idea is a good one to make an app. Having you ever download an app due to its extraordinary and interesting concept, but finally found it totally useless. Those apps may not cause a serious harm. But being duped is a horrible feeling. Wasting time causes frustration, but wasting money causes a rage.

Take a look at some examples would also be helpful so you can avoid using, or creating such useless or even stupid apps.


  1. [email protected]

The inventor of the app must have been suffering from laziness at work that he came up with this amusing idea. The premise is attractive. The app would make fake sounds such as mouse clicks, and keyboard typing, paper shuffling and even human sounds like clearing your throat and sniffling. It fools people that you’re working while you’re actually sleeping. It helps you to take a nap in your own cubicle without being caught, of course, only in case no one bothers to take a look at you. You can adjust the frequency of each sound to occur “Often” or “Never” depending on your preference.

But there’s no guarantee that in any case, it can save you from your boss’s angry glare. And tricking your boss is never a good idea if you don’t what to put your job on the line. You may find it nifty at first, but soon you will realize it is risky yet doesn’t really help much.


  1. Pointless game

Even the name alerted us: the game goes for a pointless purpose. To play, you just have to simply place your finger on the screen to earn points. If you lift your finger out of the screen, the game is over.

There’s a similar app called Hold On. It measures how long you can press the button on the screen. Besides testing your patience, we see no other purposes of doing this. It may be created for people who feel unpleasant not touching their phones for a second.


  1. Cry Translator

Smartphones may come in handy for parents in certain situations, but this isn’t one of them. Cry Translator claims to help you become a better parent by taking “reliable analysis and diagnosis” of your baby’s cries sound to tell you whether he/ she is hungry, tired, or needs to be burped. Then it recommends a helpful solution quickly. The app promises 96% effectiveness, citing “clinical research conducted in a pediatric hospital”.

This sounds too good to be true, but is it really worth $4.99? Maybe it’s safe to assume that an app can’t replace a parent’s intuition when it comes to these things.


  1. Fake Call

Fake Call can make you seem like a busy bee rather than a piteous loner. It gives you reasons to carry your phone all day. You can use this app to initiate fake calls and texts to yourself. You can even pre-record your own voice to make it sound as if you are talking to someone else. The app may be useful for getting an excuse to escape from awkward or unpleasant situations. But if the truth is found, things are getting much more awkward.


  1. I Am Important

It is a fake address book and calendar that creates fake contacts and fake events. The purpose is to make “you look busy and important as important people are involved in many events.”, as the developer says. In case you are a forever alone you can use it to show off, otherwise, it is totally useless.


  1. I Am Rich

With the app #5, you just fake your importance, but to use “I Am Rich”, you have to be a real rich man to afford an unbelievable price tag of $999.99. Sorry for letting you down if you’re expecting a splendid app. The app did absolutely nothing but let you place a red gem on the screen to show that you are comfortable with money. This app was initially released on the iOS app store in 2008 and get banned from the app store within 24 hours. Before it was banned, 8 people actually did buy it. Now it has come back on Google Play, from the developer with a witty name iBanned, for free but still totally pointless.


  1. Kitchen Scale

Kitchen Scale lets you weigh your cooking ingredients with a smartphone. But in fact, the app developer just fools people to think so. The app actually does not weigh anything. Instead, you tell it how much of a specific ingredient you need and it displays, in the developer’s own words, a “guesstimate” of how much space on your phone screen that quantity might consume, so you look at the proportion and make a comparison. Honestly, what do we need that for? Not to mention the weights can be highly inaccurate. So a big applause for the developer for making a marvelous tricky app!


  1. Pimple popper

Doctors always warn you not to pop your pimple in case it would get infected and scar. But a lot of people find it satisfying to do so, sometimes unconsciously. Pimple Popper was made to allow them to get their pimple-popping hit from a free app rather than their own spots on their faces. There are several types of spots to squeeze, even crusty ones. In a bright side, younger generation won’t have to endure the anguish. But in most cases, people may find it revolting or the one using this app has some mental problems.


  1. Melon Meter

Melon Meter ensures that you’ll never buy an under- or over-ripe melon. All you have to do is to put the phone next to the melon and then thump on it until you’re prompted to stop. This is supposed to allow the app to determine the ‘decay rate’ by computing the sound, then it uses a “secret” algorithm, as claimed by the developer to find just the right Melon for you. It may work,  but isn’t it too tiresome?


  1. Fake Battery

If your friends or your kids ask to borrow your phone but you want to refuse. What is the best legitimate excuse? It’s low battery stage. Fake Battery simulates fake low-battery alert with original notification ringtone. You can also schedule the time so that the warning can pop up at the moment you want. After that, you have to feign shock and disappointment over not being able to lend you phone. Faking things is tiring, believe me. How many times could you use this trick? For all of those efforts, you can also just simply say a “no”.


  1. Anti Mosquito

In fact, it is not a new idea to repel mosquitoes by emitting ultrasonic wave, as numerous anti-mosquito devices have done. If this actually works, it is more convenient to use on a smartphone. However, there is a lot of confusion regarding this idea. A quick search on Google and you would find that the idea has absolutely no scientific backing. In some cases, scientists have even suggested that the apps may actually attract more mosquitoes.


  1. Man Poke

With ManPoke you can let go of your anger, frustration or other general irritation whenever and wherever you want by poking a virtual character as repeatedly and as violently as you desire. There are some responding sounds for your amusement! The app may be designed for stressed office workers who suffer their bosses every day as the victim is a man in suit.

It is unsure that poking one another in times of tension is moral or not but paying a whole dollar just to poke a man on your screen does not ensure you feel completely comfortable.


  1. Harmonica

It is kind of a good idea to turn your smartphone into a harmonica (if you love to play one). I did wonder how can the user blow the smartphone to make music, which seems like magic. The fact is this app cannot make the magic. It is vastly less intuitive than the real instrument and has the thin tinny tone that sounds like a toy instrument. Do yourself a favor, if you want to play harmonica, buy a harmonica.


  1. iHobo

iHobo was created by Depaul UK, the largest youth homeless charity in the UK. For three days, a young, homeless person will be living in your smartphone, requiring your attention day and night. Alerts will tell you when he needs stuff. It’s your job to take care of him before he gets into trouble. It is great that they are trying to raise awareness with a commendable goal, but it’s still useless. Honestly, if you want to express your compassion, try to help a real person rather than wasting time on this;


  1. S.M.T.H.

S.M.T.H. or Send Me To Heaven challenges its players to throw their phone up in the air as high as possible. The phone’s sensors will measure the height and gives you the appropriate score. Do we even need to explain why this is a terrible concept? The massive disclaimer says that if you really do want to see it through, you can track daily, weekly and global leaderboards. But seriously, is there anyone actually try to play this?


  1. LookFor

LookFor is designed to help people find each other in a crowd. The concept sounds pretty smart and useful, right? But once you know its method, you would understand why the app bills itself as “The World’s Dumbest App”. LookFor allows users to simply choose a color, which begins flashing on the phone’s screen. Then, you raise it up so that the blinking signal makes it easy to recognize your partner in a crowd.


  1. Ugly Meter

The Ugly Meter will scan the details of your face. Based on its own standard it gives you a one to ten rating of your ugliness. You may not take it seriously, but in case you get a rating close to ten, it still affects your feeling in a  negative way. If you think that is the worst, a bad news is it also provides the comments on how ugly you are. Use $0.99 to buy depression is obviously not worth. The only people who could benefit from this may be plastic surgeons, if they are lucky enough to entice easy-going customers.


  1. I Am T-Pain

If you’re a fan of T-Pain you may get impressed with his most attractive trait – his auto-tuned voice. The I Am T-Pain app allows users to make auto-tune recordings of their voice. The app includes music T-Pain’s biggest hits so you can sing along with an auto-tuned voice.

Would you use your spare $2,99 just to buy the chance to sound like T-Pain?


  1. Animal Weights

Animal Weights allows a user to compare his/ her weight to over 100 animals around the world. Just enter your weight and see where you rank among the animals. With the price tag of $0.99, isn’t it too wasteful to buy this app? You will not have the reason to use it for the second time.


  1. Flip

Everyone to come up with an impressive idea to propose. How about doing it with an app? Flip opens the virtual box with a badly-drawn ring inside, and the question ‘will you marry me’ with the replies of “Yes” or “No”. If you select the latter, it hilariously jumps around the screen, making it impossible to select and you get the message of “Think it through again, please, I LOVE YOU!”. At this point, be careful in case you might get a slap in your face. And deservedly so. Not to mention a pop-up ad that could ruin the moment. You would be better using the Taco Bell hot sauce packet printed “Will You Marry Me?” instead.


Our thoughts

It is actually interesting to read about those apps. They did have a standout idea and did succeed in grabbing audience’s attention. But in a wrong way.

These non-sense apps could possibly entice a large number of downloads at first, but it is not a firm guarantee for a long time success. Generally, people will not waste space on their phones for some useless apps. Mobile devices surely have endless ability, but you should know to use it right.