What is Apple Watch, and if it’s revolution ?

By | May 6, 2015

As we know Apple Watch is creating a trend over the world. That’s combination between technology and fashion. One time again, Apple pushed so hard for new device. But if it’s enough and goes in right time for user.

A blog from said that:

The Apple Watch comes in two sizes. The case, measured vertically, is either 38mm or 42mm. Every single person who’s seen the 42mm model I’ve been testing immediately presumed it was the smaller one – this is not an oversized watch.

You begin to appreciate the classiness of Apple’s latest golden child the moment you remove it from the box. Seeing it and trying it on your wrist challenges your presumptions – it’s much more attractive and premium than the photos suggest. It’s solid and weighty with that trademark oblong-with-rounded-corners shape. Compare it to a regular analogue watch and it’s thick from front to back, but doesn’t feel over-sized in any direction. It’s also balanced, sitting firmly on the wrist and not bouncing around as you touch it.

The build quality is so much higher than with any rival smartwatch we’ve tested that it’s not even really a competition. And thanks to some extensive hands-on sessions I can confirm that’s true even if you’re looking at the “entry-level” Apple Watch Sport – although it was the more deluxe Apple Watch that I selected as a review sample.

But what we concern about is not much about what it is. As developer or entrepreneur, we want to know if it will create more value for customer. The answer is YES. There’re many functionalities on small device like this. You can support your health app by tracking heart beat, the number of steps when you running, more and more. Another example is you can use to support you as to-do reminder. A map, a music player, a phone call, anything you can imagine on your wrist. You like a Jame Bond now.

As a entrepreneur I think this is time for you, my customer jump into this field as soon as possible. Don’t wait to loose your opportunity on this field. To understand about your idea is appropriate for Apple Watch, don’t hesitate to let us now.