13 Necessary Features for a Grocery Delivery Application

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13 Necessary Features for a Grocery Delivery Application

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Mobytelab Team

Mobytelab Team

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Every on-demand grocery delivery app has certain features and functionalities which makes it easier for shoppers and grocery store owners alike to navigate. To build a successful user-friendly delivery app, you will need to incorporate certain important features and options such as:

Key features

  1. Social authentication: This includes options for potential shoppers to either sign up to the app or log in to their already existing profiles.
  2. Search filters (smart search): The search filter makes it more convenient and easy for shoppers to find what they are looking for;
  3. Online/order menu: This feature includes menus and a list of items that shoppers can select from. It is a list of available grocery items which shoppers can either buy or add to their carts;
  4. Add to the cart
  5. Authentic payment options: It could include credit card payments or cash payments;
  6. Customer’s location: The rationale behind this feature is to make it easy for the app to identify a customer’s location. Here, the shoppers will input their current location or their preferred delivery location. Alternatively, the app can have GPS services to pinpoint shoppers’ precise locations;
  7. Contact delivery person
  8. Order tracking: This feature helps shoppers to track their orders and decipher the exact time of delivery. Shoppers will want to monitor or track their packages. Hence, this feature is quite pertinent;
  9. Cancel the order: This feature allows shoppers to cancel erroneous orders. Shoppers may change their minds about certain orders or may discover an error in their order. Hence, this feature is necessary to allow shoppers to alter or cancel their orders;
  10. Special deals, offers, and discounts
  11. Rate services
  12. Write a review
  13. Support and help: The support and help feature is very important, especially in cases of app malfunctions. Users may be having trouble signing into their profiles or placing orders. In cases like this, they can utilize the support and help feature to resolve the malfunction.


Developing a grocery delivery app involves a lot more than just creating an app for shoppers. There are certain intricate details and designs that developers and entrepreneurs have to pay attention to. Thus, certain key features must be incorporated to ensure customer satisfaction and seamless transactions.

Above all, special attention must be paid to user-friendliness as this is the key deciding factor in user retention.


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