5 steps to hire best software developers

Avada News   •   June 2, 2016

5 steps to hire best software developers

With so much demand for software development nowadays, the market is saturated with a great number of developers available from every corner of the world. So it becomes quite difficult to pick the pearls out of the gravel bar. Finding talent is hard. Finding talent that works well with your system is even harder.

Recruiting professionals all agree that tech talent is their biggest challenge. Every enterprise has their own way of recruiting, but here are some tips to help you quickly succeed in hiring a software developer into your team. Following these steps to get the top talent.

Step 1 — Advertising

One effective way to raise the percentage of hiring the best talent is to make them spontaneously come closer to your doorstep. These days, entrepreneurs don’t always choose top developers but rather get chosen by them.

In order to attract rockstar developers, who are so highly sought after, you need to build a strong employer brand and make your brand stand out. To stick out from the crowd, people not only need to know who you are, but they also need to start wanting to work for your company. To make that happen, remember to provide what motivates them by many ways: setting off your career page, writing clear and attractive job descriptions, creating great contents on social media so talent starts following your channel. Remember, great developers naturally want to work with a great team.

Step 2 — Seeking

Along with pulling talent to your side, you also have to push yourself to the market and dig the gems by your own. The best way to find talent of the highest quality is contact development. You can search your professional network, ask for friends who are veterans in the field. Those who know a great deal of programming also can help you to judge the candidates. Or once you hire a developer, start to ask them for recommendations of anyone else they know that would be good for your company. By doing that you can extend your network through contacts development. Moreover, those people likely to have the best teamwork with the ones you’ve already hired.

Even if you do not have anyone in your own network, you can immediately search professional sites like LinkedIn. It may offer you a pool of talent. You can also make posts in relevant groups, or involve in discussions on forums and groups. These ways are less reliable and unsure but enlarge your chance to find more talents.

Last but not least, the key to build a successful referral program is marketing it well internally with serious intentions.

Step 3 — Get to know

If you consider someone, you would like to check him out once again before setting up an interview. The most important thing you should do is have a look at their previous work to verify his credentials since you cannot fully believe in what are written in the CV.

Check their blogs and other general online presence or ask them directly for their past successful work samples. Analyzing them will get you the very first idea about their experience level. You can also check their profile recommendations and ratings given by previous employers.

Step 4 — Interview

Interviewing is important to determine great developers from good ones. It is your chance to find out if these people are truly right for your company. One thing you should do is defining your ideal candidates before you start interviewing. Keep that in mind so you can quickly pick the right ones.

In addition, there is a great chance that talent will be talking multiple interviews when looking for a new job. And over 80% of talent say that the impression of an interview can change their mind about the company. So it is one of the keys they decide to work with you or someone else. Hence take a time to plan a great interview process, in which make sure that you clearly explain the functions and goals of the advertised position, while making candidates feel as comfortable as possible. But the main function of interviews is to get enough information about the candidates to evaluate the chance to work with them. So be attentive through the whole interview and make sure you check their skills and opinions. Check out for: What should you check during the interview?

Bonus step

The option of Outsourcing

Another possibility of finding a good software developer is to outsource your software development tasks to an outsourcing company. The concept of IT outsourcing has become a trend. It is a very useful source to effectively diversify your employee base by hiring an employee on the project basis and avoid the cost of full-time employees.

Nowadays you can easily search outsourcing software developers on various websites as there are a lot of professional outsourcing companies from all around the world where you can find particular developers that meet your criteria. Those people are always ready to provide you excellent quality of work at low costs.

Final thoughts

One of the biggest mistakes employers sometimes make while recruiting is to rush the process and end up settling for bad candidates or worse. You should face the fact that although the number of software graduates has been increasing significantly, it’s tough to even for top companies like Microsoft to hire the suitable ones. Hence, don’t get panic! Take your time to consider following these above steps you can avoid most of the common mistakes. Then you can have top talent to work on your project with least efforts.


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