6 Best Health & Fitness Apps w/ Crazy Ideas

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6 Best Health & Fitness Apps w/ Crazy Ideas
Mobytelab Team

Mobytelab Team

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The idea of health and fitness apps comes from the fact that mobile apps are always with us, we use them every day, plus they are quite personal. Therefore, they are ideal assistants that can help you set up good daily habits and a healthy way of living. Thanks to impressive technology development, nowadays health and fitness apps will not only assist you to stay active but also motivate you to work out every day with some crazy ideas.

Get some information about some interesting health and fitness apps that keep you stay fit while having fun. It may be something personally useful, or inspirational to develop your own applications in this niche.

Which mobile apps we will cover below:

  • Zombie, Run!
  • Pact
  • Carrot Fit
  • Charity Miles
  • Strava
  • RockMyRun

1. Zombie, Run!



Walking, jogging or running for fitness is not enough fun? Well, you can turn your daily exercise routine into a heart-racing survival game.

The theme of Zombie, Run! is to let you jog around while putting your headphones on and absorb yourself into an audio adventure of a hero going to save the world. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? There’s vocal guidance giving missions through interesting stories by award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman, which you can choose from the playlist. If you’re being chased by zombies, groan and guttural moan will be piped straight to your ear holes. To survive, there’s the only thing you can do: Speed up! Once you run enough, you can collect essential supplies to build your base’s defence.

With more than 200 missions available, as well as your ability to create your own tasks, you will never run out of motivation to run. You can track and share your progress online and join the community of over 2 million runners all over the world.

The app does make the workout time a little bit more entertaining, but due to its lack of fitness features, it may not be strong enough to entice you to go out for a run every day. So the app is only recommended for those who have already formed a daily workout hobby.

2. Pact (Removed)

If you need more motivation for doing exercises, how about getting paid for working out? Quite fascinating, right?

Pact does give you the chance to earn money for staying active. All you have to do is making a pact to set your own fitness goals. Then, bet your money on your credit card or PayPal account and set your fine limits of $5 or $10, which is deducted every time you fail to meet your goals. Once you’ve done your “pact”, you’ll earn real money from members who failed. A statistic showed that over 95% Pact’s members have ultimately hit their goals. Stick to it and you will be able to set your own daily hobby of living and eating healthily.

3. Carrot Fit



Carrot Fit has the strange yet hilarious idea to keep you stay fit every day. Unlike most fitness apps that try to encourage you to work out, the hilarious talking A.I. character CARROT, which declared itself a “fitness overlord”, will give whatever you need to stay active, from tips, inspirations to ridicules, sarcasm, insults and judgments.

Put in your weight, let CARROT pass judgment upon it and then train you personally to hit your ideal weight. CARROT provides a “Seven-minute workout”, which all-new 24 different exercises with different pop-culture referred stories like Mt. Doom Climbs, Celebrity Face Punches, and Dragon Mating Dance etc. If you are able to cut some certain pounds, you will be rewarded with some prizes such as app upgrades. On the other hand, if you gain some weight, CARROT will be upset or get mad, which can make you cry!

Once you’re done with your workout, you can use CARROT’s Weight Tracker to see your progress.

4. Charity Miles



Charity Miles has a humane idea of combining charity and working out. The app tracks every time you run, walk, or bicycle and makes donations on your behalf every mile you’ve completed.

You just have to choose charities from the list. Corporate sponsors will help you to donate a few cents to the one you support as soon as you’ve done certain amounts of exercising.

For people who love charity activities, this app really helps you to kill two birds with one stone!

5. Strava



Competition is a big motivation for any working progress. Strava enables you to put yourself in a fierce competition, which is against yourself to beat your best time, or strangers who have signed up to the app. In this app, you can create your own profile, in which you, as well as other members, can track your information and workout results. The app collects everyone’s records and shows who is the fastest along different stretches of roads and trails. If you have the best time, your name will be put on the leaderboard. People who love competition likely to try to climb up to the top and can’t stand falling down on the board. So that makes the real motivation!

6. RockMyRun



Music workout apps have been hot items since 2015. RockMyRun has some unique features that encourage music lovers to make more moves. It let you enjoy music while working out, but it changes the tempo of the songs based on your footfalls or heart rate, so if you’d rather try to make your feet keep up with the music. With a wide variety of genres, it is a great app for those who like to explore new music while running.


As people in modern life pay more attention to their health and body shape, the demands for health & fitness apps are still growing strongly. New ideas are always welcomed in this land. So if you have any wonderful ideas, feel free to contact Mobytelab immediately to turn them into the potential achievement of big success.


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