7 tips to build successful apps

Avada News   •   June 2, 2016

7 tips to build successful apps

Users spent more time in apps than in browsers

The latest data from Yahoo’s Flurry analytics shows that users spent 90 percent of their mobile time in apps, while only 10% in browsers. This is the key insight for companies to make a decision on developing an app for their business.

App development has become necessary tools for building a sustainable online business across all platforms, but it is not an easy process. Get your app beloved by users or high-ranking in App Store or Google Play Store takes a long way to go. Here are few tips to make the road less rough.

The definition of success differs depending on the nature of your app and your business goals. Typically, KPIs for measuring apps success is reflected in two following factors:

  • Quantity — The number of downloads, the percentage of target customers, usage statistics, or other quantitative metrics.
  • Revenue — paid downloads or in-app purchases.

Once you’ve done setting your own goal of success, you can begin the journey now! We will share some experiences:

1. Come up with a great idea

Todd DiPaola, president of the 20 million users network inMarket, stated: “Building an app is like building a house. You need to put time into thinking about what the rooms are going to look like before you start building.” If the app provides good content, it will be 50% attractive, and the following things would get easier.

4 things you should think of when brainstorming for your app:

– Originality: your app should at least offer one unique feature or function that have not or rarely been provided yet.

– Solve problems: think of the solution to solve a problem people may have, and put into a usable interface. The more common problem you can solve leads you to more chances to be successful. Try to think of how to make someone’s life better. You can consider upgrading from another app. It is effective to solve problems by taking an existed solution then make it better, faster, easier, cheaper, safer or funnier.

– Provide long-lasting entertainments

2. Well-designed

Although everyone owns smartphones now, it doesn’t mean that all of them are adept at using apps. Therefore, the app must be well-design both in terms of visual and UX. Great visuality makes the app appeal to the users and makes it stand out from tons of other apps in the store.

Make sure the design is flexible, customizable and intuitive for user’s experience, too. Every design element must be considered in terms of efficiency. Have a specific set of purposes in mind will help you to avoid creating a complicated and vague UI. Don’t be too greedy to add a lot of unnecessary buttons on a small screen that could dilute the app’s functionality or complicated registration steps that make impatience users give up right away on your app. You should deliver crystal clear information about the differentiators you offer to developers and ask them to focus on those things. Users should be hit over the head with your primary purposes and led to the exact experience you want them to have.

Last but not least, make sure your app fits each specific device’s style.

3. Add virality

Incorporate some viral mechanism into the app so that each individual can be a potential promoter to attract a network of new users. It means if the users want to use the full functionality of the app, they have to invite friends to use it together with them. Take Instagram for example, there’s no way to enjoy using it all alone by yourself.

4. App promotion

Some apps can attract users itself but the number is diminutive. Don’t just sit and expect users to grow on trees. You need to go out there and invite them. Otherwise, no matter how good or original the app is, no one will know that it exists. Diego, co-founder of Livra, the leading online survey company in Latin America said that “It’s very likely only a few people will discover the app and install it, which is why you must have a marketing and distribution plan.” So know how to promote your app would make difference.

5. Cross-platform

Users nowadays tend to access apps across multiple devices and platforms — desktop, website, smartphones and tablet; iOS, Android and Windows. Each platform has its native way of displaying information, laying out screens as well as implement navigation. Therefore, the user interface may be slightly different across the platforms. Before designing your apps, think about your cross-platform design strategy, define your target platform and learn how it works. Take time to read each platform’s UI guidelines to understand the similarities and differences and explain it to your design team. That way you can have a more realistic sense of what can be reused and what can’t. implement your branding around their specific parameters. Making an app that is available, appear beautifully and functional across many platforms will gain you more loyal users.

6. Keep track of the insight and update new features

As you use an app as a marketing tool for your business, you should keep your eyes on how your app is being used, what your customers like and dislike about it.

Apps sometimes become popular for features that do not fully align with the developer’s hypothesis. Implementing analytics to get valuable insights, then you can identify what are the preferences and improve users’ experience to drive more downloads.

7. Leave it to experts:

You need an app, but application development is not your specialist knowledge, then just share the burden to someone who is major in this job, such as an IT outsourcing company. All you need to do is offer them what you want, referring these 6 tips above, and get your app done quickly and perfectly. Start finding the best candidate for your project now!


Competition in the app business today is so fierce that even when you successfully get people download your app, if it doesn’t work or out-of-fashion, it will be uninstalled quickly. Once you step into this battlefield, you should make smart moves from the beginning to as long as possible. Otherwise, you cannot stay in the game. Mobytelab hopes these guidelines above will help you survive. If you’re looking for a companion to go on the way to victory, contact us right now!


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