ASO - [Part 1] What do you need to know?

App Store Optimization

ASO - [Part1] What do you need to know?
Mobytelab Team

Mobytelab Team

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To stand out amongst millions of apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play store, you need to understand how app store optimization works and how it can be leveraged.

Learn the practical steps of App Store Optimization (ASO) from start to finish so you can improve app visibility & downloads.

What is ASO?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving app visibility within the app stores and increasing app conversion rates.

The Benefits of ASO?

ASO helps us ranking our application on the Apple Store / Google Play Store‘s Search Results. From there, help you:

  • Improve your app’s visibility.
  • Increase Organic Installs of Your App
  • Increase Your App’s Revenue And Conversions

Higher ranking, higher chances for the app is viewed and installed.

KPIs in ASO?

Key performance indicators of ASO based on:

  • Rankings
  • Impressions
  • Shares
  • Engagement (Reviews / Ratings)
  • Downloads

What are the most important KPIs you should keep in mind? For the purpose of this short guideline, we will list the General Mobile App KPIs. You can check the full list of Mobile App KPIs in the link below.

  1. User Growth Rate
  2. Mobile Downloads
  3. Installs
  4. Uninstalls
  5. Registrations
  6. Subscriptions
  7. Crashes
  8. Upgrades

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Why ASO is important for App Growth?

More than 5 million apps are available to download from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. It’s very likely that your app is facing a lot of tough competition.

Statistics of Apps in App Store and Google Play Store

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving app visibility. That’s the way to help you increase downloads and the number of loyal users on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. If SEO is important to a website, ASO is the key to App Success.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is not just a set of tools, that is a process and you will need to keep updating by collecting the data, monitoring, analyzing, and improving constantly.

To understand how to boost your organic growth, you first have to understand how people are searching for and finding apps.

How do users find and download mobile apps? (coming soon)

In this short guideline, we will give you the only ASO checklist you will need to have.

App Store Optimization Strategy

This is the simple strategy that can help you start with App Store Optimization. If you are new to this field, following the steps below will help you dramatically increase your ranking in Search Results.

If you already have done all the steps below, you can check out the List of Tactics that can help you boost your App Growth (coming soon).

  1. Keyword Research / Market Research
  2. Optimize Your Title & Description
  3. Include Compelling Icons & Screenshots
  4. Add an App Preview Video
  5. Research Your Competition
  6. Build Backlinks
  7. Drive Traffic (and Downloads) to Your App Store Page

Check out the full post of The Practical Guide to App Store Optimization Strategy (coming soon)


Mastery of ASO will not happen overnight.

However, if you spend a little time each day working on your app store optimization checklist, you will be pleasantly surprised with the progress you can make.

Once you are comfortable with the traction your app is receiving, you can venture into promoting with paid advertising to further take advantage of ASO and increase your app’s market share.


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