How to effectively outsource your project

MobyteLab News   •   Jan 5, 2018

How to effectively outsource your project

How to effectively outsource your project

If you’ve ever been thinking of “outsourcing” and take time to read this article, you’re taking the first step to know the most effective and financially viable solution that has been trending nowadays. But to reap the fruits you must know how to sow and deal with the insects. With experiences much to be proud of on this land, Mobytelab would like to give you some useful tips to effectively outsource your project. 

1. Make a clear strategy

Before sharing the workload with the outsourcing company, it’s worth taking time to make a clearly defined objective. In there you state the reasons for outsourcing, which kind of outsourcing company you’re looking for, what part of the projects to outsource, what levels of risk to assume, which scale to evaluate how successful or unsuccessful your strategy is etc. This will help you to overview the situation and make every step on the right track. Remember, the workload you’ve given away, but the results are still yours.

2. Keep your ears on the ground within the process

Even though outsourcing is the way to save your time, energy to focus more on other things, you should sometimes have a check on what is being produced, as well as understand and actively manage the risks. If you don’t control things well, they may go on the flip side. Work may need to be improved or redone by your in-house team who have already been occupied with completing their own responsibilities. Then resources used to outsource work won’t be wasted.

3. Make the investment worth

You also choose to outsource because it’s a cheaper alternative to hiring a full-time employee. So pay attention to the benefits you’re given and make sure what you give is not more than what you take. Having a standard contract which determines clear payment and conditions of work is an effective method of controlling this aspect of outsourcing. Otherwise, you will spend more money to clean the mess if it would ever happen, for example, delegate too much or for the wrong price can increase your operating costs unnecessarily. So outsourcing will be meaningless.

4. Expect more than what you need

Although the main reason to outsource is having the same work done with fewer expenses, you have the right to expect a spectacular result from your partner. Appreciate the outsourcing company that be able to make a major difference for you over the one who just saves you a dollar. Make sure they would have completed the task far better than you have done on your own, that’s the reason you “outsource” it.

5. Use an effective outsourcing model

A suitable outsourcing model to use is the one that meets norm

– Proven to be successful

– Meets your company’s business model

– Fits your current circumstances.

You can choose from a variety of outsourcing models, each. There are various of complex, and diverse models with its own strengths, weaknesses, and appropriate applications but the main variables that define a model are the distribution of responsibility between the company and outsourcing company. Your partner may have a model they prefer to use but it’s important to make sure the proposed model appropriately fits your company’s outsourcing needs and offers you the best opportunity to meet your high-level goals.

6. Keep in close touch with your outsourcing partner

It’s important to know exactly who your primary points of contact would be, who your escalation points are if necessary and who is responsible for tasks. Having good communication with the right people is the important key to receive the best results of a business relationship. Allocating an email address is essential for maintaining contact.

7. Be aware of security

Letting an external person contribute to the running and output of your business can bear some understandable concerns.

When someone contributes to your business IT supports, it’s reasonable that they’ll need access to the relevant materials and information of your IT system. Even though you have their background checks and obtained references, you cannot completely trust any individuals to get access to this kind of information. In this case, you have to ensure that you have adequate restrictions in place to remove any threats to your confidential material, for example, client base.

8. Choose the right outsourcing partner

The ultimate aim to go for outsourcing is to free up parts of your burden and get the work done the way you want without you pay too much attention to it. Outsourcing companies that understand these concerns above will improve themselves to reach your expectation. That’s what we – Mobytelab have been doing to successfully fulfil our customers’ need.

Even if the chance for us to provide you excellent service has not come yet, you still have those guild lines above to follow to be sure that you won’t go in the wrong direction.


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