How to Find the Best Candidates for Your Outsourced Project

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How to find the best candidate for your outsourced project?
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Finding the answer to the question "Why do I need to outsource my project?" is no doubt a hard one.

But once you decide to outsource, here comes the harder part: finding the best candidate to be your outsourcing partner. If this very first step is going on the wrong path, the whole plan will sure to fall into pieces. Outsourcing is now a large and complicated market, you will get lost if you do not know this roadmap below.


1. Start with the proper research

Search for reliable sources with proper keywords or questions. It is not a bad idea to ask questions on a social network such as Facebook groups, Twitter, Yahoo or Quora, or online marketplaces and directory listings such as Clutch, Reddit, Craigslist, Smashing Magazine etc. There are various online marketplaces for IT services that give the most optimal results for basic project management requirements.

Another way is to ask for recommendations from someone you know who have great knowledge and contacts in the field. If any of them have any chances to work with an IT outsourcing company, either good or bad one, it’s worth to learn their experience.

2. Make the requirements clear and detailed

The more detailed and specific information you give, the bigger chance you will find the most suitable candidate for outsourcing your task. The fact that you will not work in the same environment restricts the chance to regularly discuss ideas and requirements. Thus, be specific with regards to the tasks you’re assigning for co-work. Create a detailed brief with outlined expectations and duties. It helps the candidates to understand what you need and make the right commitment to provide the required results.

3. Website research

The website is considered the “face” of a company. Visit their website is the fastest way to acknowledge crucial things and have the first judgment of a company. For example, if you visit us at, you will have a closer look at our expertise, solutions, style, attitude and even get some feedback from our previous customers.

4.Locate the potential candidates

Point out some criteria to mark the most suitable candidates. Remember to choose the shirt that is tightly fit with you, not the one that is too tight or oversized. Don’t always think that a bigger company is better. The best IT outsourcing company is the one that can be flexible to work on your business.

5. Create a comparison table

Create a list of outsourcing company as potential candidates. Once you have narrowed your list down to two or three companies, it will get easier to choose and it helps you to diminish the chance to make a wrong decision.

6. Take money into consideration

Discuss carefully how much money you should spend on the outsourcing work also help to find some suitable companies. Offer a rational payment to make sure you don’t lose qualified companies as well as keep your business profitable.

Contact immediately

Good IT outsourcing company may not be in store for too long, so make sure to have a phone call or send an email as soon as you decide to be in a relationship with them. If you could see a bright future MobyteLab might bring to you, don’t be hesitate to contact us with an easy click.

Finding the best candidate for your project in a short time allows you to start your project immediately. It is a critical step that may mark the beginning of the brightest success in your business relationship.


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