How to make an app if you have an idea but no coding knowledge?

MobyteLab News   •   Jan 13, 2018

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How to make an app if you have an idea but no coding knowledge?

Many people have extraordinary app development ideas but due to lack of coding knowledge, they may step back or lose the idea. If you have ideas for new mobile apps but have never written a line of code in your life, how to make it happen?

Here are top four tips that enable you to launch your own app with a no-computer-programming-experience background:

1. Start learning.

Do you have a great app idea? The cheapest way to bring your idea to reality is that you build it on your own. So, the very first thing to do is learning how to code.

You should know that you are not the only one on Earth who comes up with an excellent app idea but lack programming knowledge. One inspiring story comes from the founder of an app whose name comes right away into your head when it comes to photo sharing — Instagram. The founder of it, Kevin Systrom used to be a sales guy. One day he had an amazing idea to create an app where people can share their photos in the same way of Facebook posts. The problem is he didn’t know how to code. So he worked on his job in the daytime and learned to code at night. He tried to create a demo version of the app. Then he used it to involve an expert in coding. They became co-founders and together they created the billion-dollar app Instagram.

So, learning coding skills is not completely impossible. There are tons of courses and online tutorials for learning programming languages. You may or may not become an expert but you will definitely have the basic knowledge to kick off your ideas. However, it takes you a lot of time, dedication and consistency to do but in the end, you will find it’s totally worth. It is an amazing feeling to design, develop and implement your app idea on your own. Not to mention, it is the most effective way to present your idea perfectly.

Don’t forget to draw some basic outlines of your app on paper, so you know where to start and which way to go. And don’t jump. Once you’re ready to start, start small. The fact that you know how to code something doesn’t mean that making complex stuff is a good idea at the beginning. But over time when you have more experiences, challenge yourself to something fancier.

2. Find a partner to do the coding

Although you’re willing to learn, programming knowledge is not something easy to achieve, especially in case it is not your aptitude. Then get a good technical co-founder who will do the technical part while you are doing something else you are good at that could be useful,… like graphic designing. You should keep in mind that programming is not the only thing to make an app. You could still be the founder doing other crucial stuff to enchant your customer.

Your partner had better be firstly considered among your friends or someone you are close to. They are reliable and likely to get on well with you the most while working on the progress. It is the best solution if you have a small budget.

If you cannot find anyone in your network, to find a suitable partner for the best teamwork out there, there are two things to concern:

The first thing is: Always be networking. Go out and meet as many experienced people in the industry as you can. Try to set up relationships with them. Don’t be afraid of telling them about your passion and plans. There may be some people eager to help. They can directly help you to develop your app, or they might know someone who can be your perfect partner. A partner that have solid experience in the field would steer you in the right direction, give you invaluable feedback as well as feed off your excitement and motivate you not to give up.

Secondly, your idea needs to be a good one. Otherwise, you will hardly find a person who is interested in your plan. Find someone who believes in your idea enough so that they are willing to trade their time and skills for the quality of your app, instead of cash.

While developing an app, one should not stay away from the improving the usability of it. So who knows, it may be a blessing if you don’t know programming and focus more on the usability aspect.

3. Consider outsourcing.

In this creative modern world, the winner is not the one who first comes up with the idea, but the one who takes one step ahead to bring it out to the market and get profit. So, to make your app a success, you have to do it right away. If it takes you too much time to build your own development team, or you don’t want to spend on infrastructure that would take quite a lot of time, effort and money just to see if your idea does work, it makes sense to outsource the programmers.

Outsourcing has its challenges, but it might be a viable way to build your very first app. The fact that some of the tech giants were outsourced in their initial days — Slack, Skype, Fab, etc. may be a persuasive reason to consider this option.

If your determination is still very much up in the air, read our article on Why do you need to outsource your project and 5 Tips to find out your best outsourcing agency.

It’s not really that there will not be any risk involved. Choosing the right partner can be daunting and you should carefully inquire about how to choose a candidate or an agency. The contact network you have made with veteran programmers can be a good resource to get recommendations for finding the best candidate for your projectAnother possible concern is about how to protect your idea. You could simply draft a non-disclosure agreement.

Outsourcing can save you some money. But development costs can go through the roof if you lose control because you have no ideas about the app development progress. So you should consider some ways to effectively outsource the project.

4. Get sponsors

Don’t rush to jump out there to find a sponsor. Startup success is 98% execution. So create a good-looking mockup for your idea first. Then gather the confidence to present it to other people, visually and orally. Your mockup doesn’t have to be working actually, but it should convey your significant point of your app idea. An inspiring demo version can enchant your potential investors to step into business with you. It happens more than you think.

Take your chance!

If you have the ability to learn and do it yourself, nothing is greater than that! Don’t expect the first version of your app to be perfect and then get discouraged. Though the app had some flaws, at least it is workable, and it can always be improved.

However, if you are not that type of person, instead of trying to force yourself to do so, find others to help. The true beauty of developing an app, and technology in general, is getting an extraordinary idea that makes life more convenient and beautiful. You have the idea, then you hold the core. So it’s wise to solve the key problems and leave other complicated IT-related tasks to someone familiar with it. Building an app is a parallel process, in which technology is just one tool to make your idea a reality. So if you’re a non-technical person, don’t consider technology as the be-all for your startup. Just give us the core, we will polish it and turn it into a precious pearl.


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