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Javascript Full-Stack Solution is Growing Fast for the Modern Web Application
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In recent years, the new generation of web developers has been raised to fit changing technologies and evolving user tastes. Once, the role of a full-stack developer is trending up. The new dawn of a full-stack developer has risen as one of the dominant programming languages — Javascript has presented its ability to use it on the server-side as well as the client-side.

A Javascript full stack developer is a software developer that uses the Javascript language in all major tiers of an application. They are familiar with both the back end and front end of development. MobyteLab, through this article, expresses our opinion on Javascript full-stack solution trend in 2020 and 2021.

Although there are still some arguments on full-stack developers’ degree of proficiency in each skill, the fact that companies like Groupon, Airbnb, Netflix, Medium and PayPal adopted Javascript full-stack developers explains the fact that full-stack programming offers many benefits.

Which benefits?

1. Better teamwork with fewer resources

The birth of Node.js — an interpreter based on V8, which is a Javascript machine code compiler from Google enables the same Javascript code run in both environments, the web browser, and the server. Javascript allows having all parts of your web application written in one language. Therefore, there has been a better understanding of the source code between front and backend developer, avoiding the existing gap when two teams are working separately using different technologies. Hence, one can now work on both teams and develop himself as a full-stack developer. He would make the connection and enable the team to remain small and effective.

2. Cost savings

A significant benefit of having a full-stack developer is reducing the cost and effort to find and retain the right talent.

Rather than specializing in one area of expertise, a full-stack developer is skilled in all stages of web development. Employers are starting to realize the benefits of hiring a one-man development team. Full-stack developers understand how every facet of the web development process takes place so that they can advise and guide stakeholders on overall strategy and best practices. Instead of hiring a front, back, and UI developer, you can hire just one full-stack developer and pay only one salary.

Startup companies are especially in high demand of full-stack developers, as many of them can’t afford to hire people who are only skilled in one area.

3. Code reuse and share

With a full-stack solution, you save time by reusing the parts of the code or sharing libraries, templates, and models on both back and front-end that are very close in terms of logic and implementation. In other words, you just use the same Javascript utility on the server and in the browser. Reducing the number of lines of code is also a valuable capability when refactoring and maintaining the source code.

4. Better performance and speed

PayPal published a noteworthy result they have seen in the process of changing from Java to full-stack Javascript. The company was able to make the development almost 2 times faster when reducing the engineering personnel involved. Moreover, they have seen a dramatic improvement in performance, doubling the number of requests completed per second and decreasing the average response time by 35 percent for the same page.

High demand and huge pool of talents


The market for full-stack developers is at an all-time high level. Startups likely to have the hugest demands for full-stack Javascript developers who comfortably move between a variety of technologies and platforms. Hossein Rahnama, founder and chief product officer of startup Flybits, stated: “These are great assets as they make the job much easier for their peers and will prevent the startup from developing silos by following a classical hierarchical technical decision-making.”

As demand for full-stack developers will go through the roof, the pool for such talents is relatively big. According to the Stack Overflow annual survey, Javascript is the most-used programming language, used by 55.4% of the respondents, equaling over 27,000 developers on the website alone. However, the survey covered only about 0.4% out of more than 19 million developers worldwide, the total number of Javascript users can be over 10 million. Therefore, a skilled and reliable web developer is always available, especially in outsourcing company such as Mobytelab.


Thinking full-stack is the trending mindset all over the world these days. Pharmacies start to create a full-stack health solution for the customers based on their unique data profile; a skincare-products-selling company may leverage the usage data to personalize skincare recommendations for the consumers.

Having great Javascript engineering experiences with knowledgeable full-stack developers, Mobytelab not only would like to share with you this article but also present great services we have in store.

Web development roles change are still a guess. But it’s undeniable that full-stack development is about to spread the wings further and become one of the hottest trends in 2021, and the choice to try right now is in your hands!


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