Make the app may be a pain if you have no experience

MobyteLab News   •   May 12, 2017

Make the app may be a pain if you have no experience

Building the app should be a wonderful game. So don’t need to make it hard. You can imagine the app you built used or played by a thousand or a hundred thousand people around the world. That’s good feeling like you get a prize. Also with that pride, you get MONEY too.

But with someone, building an app seems like a magic. I can understand, that’s fun but also hard to make it work. With more than 4 years in this area. I know to build an app or a game can cost you money. But the pain is with that amount of money, you still do not get a good app or a good game as expected. The cost you pay may not for the quality you get. Please think about it.

With the popularity of freelancer network, day by day there’re many developers around the world jump into this battlefield. They give you the many options from price to the quality, v.v… There are many developers out there with high quality but you can think they’re not cheap enough for you to hire. I’m talking about the senior iOS developer around the world with more than many years experience.

With many applications sent to you day by day, you must take time to think about who you should choose to develop your amazing idea. Also with someone is not familiar with this field of technology, you, of course, don’t know how to start. We always think about it every day to solve how to make the customer as you know about this field before you jump into this valuable market. Then If you can have a better knowledge of it, how to start. We have senior developers from popular platforms on the world as iOS for iPhone/iPad and Android for Android-based devices, we want to consult you, guide you with a good process, so you can know how your app looks before you it’s developed.

Don’t worry about the price, with other company or other high-quality freelancers can cost you up to 40–60$/ h. That may make some entrepreneur down to the road. We just cost you at a very reasonable price that you can be easy to accept right away. 15$/ h. With all process, we supplied you can be surprised at that price. We know your success is our success, so we want to make your idea success more than just get your money. We know if we can make your success, we’re making our success too. Balance that is our advantage.

You can concern about how we start doing any project, don’t rush. We’re gonna to tell you about that right now.

  1. Collect idea from the customer (you), discuss to clarify the requirement.
  2. We create a proposal and technical inside to build an app.
  3. You accept the proposal before going to design phase.
  4. We will create a mockup, create UI/UX and release you design via inVISION to know what it will run on your device when it’s done.
  5. We develop the app and give it a test.
    1. At this time, we will release and get feedback from you till when it’s done.
    2. You will have a release per milestone.
  6. You will have your final release and we will help you to upload it to Appstore / Google Play.
  7. We make an app, also maintenance it on running so you feel it’s very safe.

You have a flexible payment. To make the app finalized we just cost you first at the price for (1) & (2) at a minimum price.

When (3) accepted, we will cost you the next payment for (4).

When (4) accepted, we will pay by hours or budget based on milestone while developing.

We create this flow to get you stick with your success. Don’t hesitate to tell us your problem, we’re here to be with you creating your future.

You can wonder how you need this if there are some services out there like , you can drag & drop change text and what you feel great about your app.

Please consider if you build by using their tool, everything is FREE, but if you want to download source code or upload on Appstore, what comes up. You MUST pay for your work. That’s counted by month. You don’t need that.

If you pay $20/month, for 12 months per year, you must pay = $20 * 12 = $240. Who wants to pay $240/year for each year while you know your app will live for more than ten years. We build an app and we need to customize the app to make our user, our customers have a good experience, we don’t want to make it boring.

We’re building more and more template with cheap price at $119 and you will know you don’t need any penny per month. Also, there’s subscription for you per month, if you pay 20$/month, you can get any template at $99/month. That’s really a good deal we build for my customer.

You can imagine with our template, you just pay $119 + at least 10hours * 15$ = $269 …. and it’s alive forever without anyone more penny. If you want to get an updated version of your template …. IT’S FREE.

Take action today to get your new revenue from your app. Give me your idea at this link Get Consultant for FREE.

Some report recently from professional marketer point out that brands have app promotion increase 30% revenue. That’ a great number and you can imagine you just need to invest on another door for customer.

Don’t make your customer wait, and don’t make your MONEY wait. PLAN YOUR IDEA TODAY and get your money tomorrow.


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