Mobytelab Vs Other Taxi Dispatch Software Providers: Why Choose Us?

MobyteLab News   •   Feb 24, 2020

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It is no longer news that the ride-hailing business is a highly profitable one and that a great taxi dispatch software is required if it must be successful. However, where the problem lies is in finding the right software provider that will be competent enough to address all the critical needs of the business, and provide solutions that will satisfy customers.

Looking around, there are lots of companies across the US and worldwide that provide taxi dispatch solutions, and this doesn’t make the decision process any easier. Slightly contrary to the title of this post, our aim is not to impose our superiority in the cab dispatch system development domain, but to inform you about necessary things to look out for while making your pick. In the end, if you dim us fit (experienced, and technically qualified) enough to handle your project, then lucky us. One thing is sure; we won’t let you down!

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Things to keep at the back of your mind before deciding which software provider to work with

What exactly do you want?

First and foremost, it is important to truly define and know what you want. Understanding the central idea behind your cab business would help you choose a software provider suitable for the job. While the key functionality of a taxi dispatch software is to connect drivers with riders, basic features may vary based on niche concepts or strategy.

Software provider’s portfolio

While searching for a competent software development team may feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, a good portfolio can help simplify the decision-making process. It is important to look for software providers with portfolios that answer questions rather than ones that raise questions. If a taxi management software provider has executed projects very similar to what you are looking to have developed, then the odds that they will deliver exceptionally well are high.

Customers they’ve worked with

A close look at other companies they have worked with, the type of service they rendered and what these companies say about them will be a plus. Though it’s not a certainty, 9 out of ten times, developing firms that have a past and active gig with reputable firms are reputable themselves and you can trust them extraordinarily.

Response rate

When you first reach out to a developing firm, how rapidly do they reply? How do they answer your questions, do they act disturbed… are they willing to walk you through concepts so you can better understand what’s what? This may determine how’d they’d respond to you later down the line when the going gets tough. It’s always best to work with developing firms that walk with you through every single developmental stage present while providing your taxi dispatch solution.

Price rates and Charges: Does it fit your budget?

The list of features you’d like to have contained in your app is one factor that has a huge influence on its cost. What’s more, while it costs about $30,000 on average to have a properly functioning cab dispatch system with basic features up and running, some software providers charge more. A good number of people run out of the budget halfway into the development of their app due to high rates, and hidden charges. As such, knowing what you want from the start, can help you get a rundown of the estimated cost from start to finish. Taxi business should ask a specific question about “the entire cost” – this is very important.

make an app like Uber with afforable price

Make an app like Uber with great cost with Mobytelab experts

Regular Taxi Vs 10x Taxi Dispatch Software Providers

Almost any software developing team that claims to be capable of putting forward a taxi dispatch solution may be capable of doing so. However, the big question remains; is the team capable of building a sustainable system with great UI/UX that will be good enough to amplify your results and scale your taxi business? If yes, they’re the perfect team and you should probably work with them.

Many software developers are good at what they do, they learn quickly and try to move with the tide, jumping into the next big thing. With the recent boom in the ride-hailing industry, many software developing firms have shifted attention to providing taxi dispatch solution. These are commonly referred to as “Regular taxi dispatch software providers.” While they may have been in the software game for long enough time, and render quality solutions in other fields, they may not offer the best when it comes to developing taxi management software. This is due to the lack of hands-on experience. You don’t want a generic taxi app clone, or a custom-made cab dispatch system with lots of bugs, that will result in poor customer experience, no, that’s bad for business.

As a rule of thumb, the best way to go that will ensure maximum results for your business is to seek a software development firm that has done quality time rendering taxi dispatch solution to ride-sharing companies. Such developers (10X cab dispatch system developers) due to hands-on experience would have encountered almost all possible problems revolving around the taxi dispatch solution, overcome them and thus, will not only be capable of meeting your business-specific needs but help you beat the competition through priceless conceptual advice.

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Fortunately, there are a handful of 10X cab management software providers around, and you can identify them by looking through related jobs they have executed, their reviews and overall success rate. Mobytelab happens to be one of such taxi dispatch solution providers, and if you would rather save the time you’d spend in searching into other productive tasks, you can give us a call, or chat us up and we’d get right back to you. With us, you can rest assured that you will get a result that will address all the critical needs of a taxi dispatch business and even more to give you an edge over your competitors.

Mobytelab – A Reliable Taxi Dispatch Software Provider

Mobytelab is a 10X taxi dispatch software provider, meaning that we can amplify the results of your business by up to 10 times. We have a team of passionate, competent, and goal-driven technology experts with first-hand experience designing many applications to meet the requirements of the customers.

Through our greatly skilled developers, we provide innovative solutions that can help you improve and better the wonderful services you already provide your customers. What’s more, we utilize only the latest and cutting edge tools and tech every step of the way so we can provide you with high-class services that your customers will come to love.

With our years of experience providing taxi dispatch solutions, we’ve come to understand what works and what doesn’t, and through a good understanding of this, we’re able to enable brands/businesses to tap into the many many benefits that a tailor-made dispatch software have to offer. Some of these benefits include:

  • Increased profit-making: With a highly functional, business-specific taxi dispatch software that is fast and smart, errors will be eliminated and this will ultimately bring down the cost, and result in an increase in profitability.
  • More passenger booking: Through the solution that we provide with skill and knowledge gathered over time, more bookings via web, app, and the phone will be recorded.
  • Drivers attraction and retention: With the highly efficient taxi software that we will provide, unnecessary costs that would have otherwise gone into maintenance and other unplanned circumstances that usually result from inefficient systems will be truncated and driver earnings can be increased. This will bring about the attraction and retention of drivers. This we have seen come to play through taxi dispatch solutions we have provided over time.
  • Improved collaboration with customers: our designs are seamless, from the iOS platform to Android and desktop versions, the UI/UX is so astonishing that your customers will be delighted by the appearance and ease of use as well.

What’s more, our taxi management and dispatch software are streamlined, and they comprise of an effective mobile application that has an interface for both the users and the drivers.

taxi dispatch software for on-demand services app

Mobytelab – A Reliable Taxi Dispatch Software Provider

Modern, and Standard Features we include in our Design

  • GPS: through this feature, passengers can locate drivers closest to them, and drivers can spot passengers on a map, as well as find their way around.
  • Push notifications: with this notification, passengers can receive notifications regarding their ride and payment. From the driver’s end, they’re able to determine pending orders as well as receive general info from the organization.
  • Registration and Login features: Through this feature, your customers will be able to register with your business, create a profile and make bookings at any time. It also makes it possible for them to link the app to their social media accounts. Now, this is a big plus for you in terms of brand visibility. What’s more, through this feature, new drivers looking to join your team can register and have access to the many other great features that will be provided.
  • Flexible payment options: This is a very important feature, and getting it wrong can be very detrimental to customer experience. We utilize advanced tools to put together highly reliable payment options so that transactions can go on seamlessly through cash and other available payment gateways.
  • Reviews and ratings: User experience is a good yardstick that can help measure how well your business is faring. Are our customers completely satisfied with your services? Are there any problems being experienced? Are there complaints? Is there a suggestion that can help you perform better? In a nutshell, growth in business is highly dependent on feedback, and this feedback can be obtained via the reviews and rating features.

With these features put in place, among others which will be based on your specific needs, your business is sure to be successful.

Here’s what to expect when you work with us

  • Technological expertise
  • Honest approach
  • Flexible development
  • On-going commitment
  • Support after handover


We have all that it takes to provide a highly functional taxi dispatch software that will enable you to offer your customers/clients one of the best ride experiences that a taxi dispatch software can offer. Believe it when we say that our taxi dispatch solution is versatile and cost-effective, and it bridges the gap between cab companies and their customers.

Rely on our taxi dispatch solution/taxi app clone development services and welcome improved business visibility, availability, and scalability.


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