Understand and Optimizing the Customer Experience with Taxi Management Software

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Taxicab hailing did not magically come into existence in the 21st century but rather, we should back to the 17th century and traced this system, where we used hackney carriages as cars for hire. In a world like ours, one that constantly undergoes a series of changes every day; an initiative or a good business idea can only stand as a solution to a problem for some time until it becomes a problem in itself— one that needs to be solved. The final piece that put the Taxicab business into perspective was the introduction of the taxi management software. 

In a world where telecommunications is the order of the day and the majority of life, processes involve the use of software apps used by businesses to meliorate their processes and increase the level of accessibility their customers have to them, the taxi management software serves as a solution to the already existing problem of having to hail rides from the roadside.

The taxicab hailing system has evolved over time with respect to change in consumer demand and needs. 

These blogs offer helpful and valuable information as regards to understanding customer needs and demands and optimizing or maximizing customer experience using the taxi management software.

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In the 17th century, we used Hackney carriages as a car for hire until we know motorized Taxi cabs in 1897. These cabs had Taximeters which read prices and it is one of the features adopted by the Taxi management software where the cost of the rides is calculated by the app.

When hailing a cab, commuters have to forced to stand by roadsides and stick their arm out, waving at yellow transit vehicles with the ‘taxi’ sign above them and there wasn’t a surety or certainty to successfully landing a ride especially at odd hours or locations. With the increasing number of commuters that engage this Taxi transport business and the demand for a more advanced and efficient cab hailing system, the taxi management software has posed as a solution to the main issue/ problem. 

An example is how Uber was birthed. The story of Uber and how it came to be has served as content for a few blogs on the net. Two friends, Travis Kalanick and Garett Camp attending an annual tech conference but they were in a bit of a dilemma one cold winter night when they cannot get a cab and this led to the birth of Uber. 

The introduction of the taxi management software, which is often mobile apps or a piece of software that runs on a website, provides an easiness to which rides can be ordered by customers from the comfort of various locations. This ease and comfort facilitated the growth and progress of the taxi business sector and increased the app’s popularity.

Taxi management software helps in managing taxis from the dispatch to the bookings. It connects drivers to riders in a friendly online environment and also controls the aspect of dispatch, all with the use of modern-day technology systems.

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Taxi app solution/ taxi dispatch software will enhance customer satisfaction


Online information on Uber Statistics in the year 2018 shows that “The majority of Uber users fall in the 16-34 age range, but 35% of riders are over the age of 35.”

The majority of Uber riders are between the age group of 16-34, which comprises of teenagers, young adults/ youths and adults. Each group has various demands and understanding the demands of each group can raise various ways on how to cater to these demands. 

For example, students will go for a cheaper ride over quality and also promotions and freebies are likely to attract this group. Adults will probably seek quality above cost as long as the cost remains feasible and within a reasonable and affordable rate, hence the taxi management software is expected to be able to cater to these varying demands for efficient Taxi business. 

Users of the Taxi Cab software can be grouped into various fractions where provisions are made for each group; students, working-class, elderly and any other fractions and with respect to customer demand.


While building software, it is important to note and understand that this software thrives on human interactions and therefore making it user-friendly is key to achieving success in the business. 

With the speedy growth expressed by the taxi business sector, a lot of entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts have ventured into this business and have invested their time and money into sprouting new enterprises that would function well in the sector. There are quite a number of customer demands and software features that every enterprise has either adjusted to or has modified to help them survive in the business space. 

Customer demands

  • Speed: One of the features that make Uber one business to contend with is its delivery services. The survey shows that it takes less than five minutes for a rider to get to their destination. This demand is of great importance in the taxi business sector and it is now even easier with the taxi management software where rides can be booked online. 
  • Convenience: Customers desire ease and comfort and this is one feature the taxi management software offers. Customers demanded an easier and more convenient way of hailing a cab and this was solved with the introduction of the taxi management software which comprises apps and sites where rides can be ordered with no hassle. Customers are now able to order rides from the comfort of their homes or from various locations.
  • Affordable cost: Customers, irrespective of the fact that they require comfort, wouldn’t go for rides with pricey or exorbitant rates. It is important to make rides as affordable as possible while maintaining quality and most importantly, comfort. 
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Some of the features a taxi management software should have:

  • Ease of navigation: Taxi management software should possess the feature of smooth and seamless navigation. This software often employs the assistance of google maps or other navigation software to ease operations. The importance of navigation is that it helps the drivers or riders know the customer’s locations and various routes to their destination. 
  • Data Entry: Data entry is another important feature of taxi management software. Riders, dispatchers, and customers can enter their personal information into the software to enable easier interaction and communication. Customers can view profiles of riders as well as ride details to give them a sense of security. 
  • Accessibility options: This software should be easily accessible and easy to use and comprehend and also possess a user-friendly interface. It should also be reachable from any location or place. Delivery services and outreach to various locations is a constant demand among clients; Providing efficient and highly functional software where the locations in the GPS transcends or covers a lot of areas.
  • Transparency: Most taxi businesses have adopted the transparency feature where riders should give their reviews on the app, ratings on rides and what their customer experience was like. 

In recent times, society has accepted the taxicab business sector with open arms because it has provided an avenue to hail rides from any location and at affordable prices with the taxi management software. We know that the price of Taxi rides is initially expensive than public transit systems; like buses, which discouraged commuters but with the reduction in cost to a very reasonable and affordable rate, and establishment and introduction of the taxi management software into the taxi business sector, people are now slowly tilting to this side of the weighing balance. 


With every initiative comes accompanying problems and it is key to identify these problems.

The issue of not having enough cars and monitoring the quality of these cars can be solved with a functional taxi fleet management software. The taxi fleet management software monitors all the cars registered in its database and keeps a record of drivers, dispatchers, and riders under this system. Drivers have to upload a bit of personal information along with their card details which customers can view and access his can also provide the riders with a sense of security and safety. Also, taxi business owners have the ability to monitor any driver registered under their enterprise with the Taxi fleet management software. 

Ordering a ride and having to wait for almost half an hour is another common problem in the Taxi business sector. Riders often have to wait a while to get taxis and there is little to no certainty of getting one especially at odd hours of the day or at remote locations. The issue of booking rides and monitoring dispatch, pick up and other aspects can be countered with the Taxi booking management system. Riders should be able to book for rides with a guarantee of a taxi arriving in the shortest time possible. The taxi booking management system is a very helpful solution in the sense that riders don’t have to get to major bus stops to hail rides but rather have unrestricted access to an app where they can book rides and these rides arrive in record time.


The Taxi Management software has eased the burden of taxi cab hailing by providing a medium by which rides can be booked by customers at little to no stress. 

It is not enough to have software for Taxi management but rather understanding the customer base, what the trends are and providing an efficient means is a way of burgeoning the business and maximizing customer experience. 

Taxi cab-hailing has been made better with the introduction of the taxi management software which houses the Taxi cab software in which riders have access to, the Taxi fleet management software which is used by the drivers and business owners and the taxi booking management system which controls ride booking.

Efficient use and management of these software and constant improvements and alteration to the software to suit the ever-changing trends and customer demand can optimize customer experience leading to greater customer satisfaction, loyalty to the brand and also gaining the trust and active support of the riders.  

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