What are the programming trends in 2018?

MobyteLab News   •   Jan 10, 2018

What are the programming trends in 2018?

As web developers, we need to determine where we should focus our efforts and where the market is going. It is difficult to predict the success of something, and even more difficult when it comes to software development. We live in a dynamic digital world where the change in software development is truly a game, not everyone has the ability to track the latest trends. Catching up and having new experiences with these trends will help you take full advantages of the magical technology world and pull up your business.

So let’s see what trends you should watch out to be a better programmer in 2018?

1. THE FULL JAVASCRIPT STACK is at the forefront

fullstack javascript technology

Javascript gives the possibility to do a full-stack development

Initially considered as a “toy programming language”, which was originally designed as a client-side scripting language that ran inside the user’s web browser to do simple things. Through the past 25 years, Javascript has not just miraculously survived but also evolved into a first-class programming language.

Over time, Javascript is no longer relegated to the front end design world. It gained a huge popularity when successfully being used as a server-side programming language as part of Nodejs. Nodejs offers useful modules and the same code running on both browser and server. It gives the possibility to build a full-stack web application completely in Javascript with all three major layers. The advantage of Node.js is the quick performance and scalability. That’s pretty important requirements considering when you are trying to create great products and want to ensure you can meet a large number of users as soon as possible.

As a result, Node.js quickly attracted the attention and have become one of the hottest JavaScript frameworks nowadays. In the last 5 years, Node.js is a name that is mentioned so many times in the web developer community. Node.js has been used in popular applications by multiple top-tier companies around the world, such as PayPal, Walmart, Ebay, Groupon, Yahoo and LinkedIn, with great success. 2017 saw a particularly strong growth of demand for Nodejs and the domination is expected to continue to 2018 and the years later.

PayPal reviews their experience with Nodejs as “one of the most trafficked apps on the website”. Here are some of their observations comparing their Node.js version of the app to their Java version of the app:

– Built almost twice as fast with fewer people

– Written in 33% fewer lines of code

– Constructed with 40% fewer files

– Double the requests per second vs. the Java application

– 35% decrease in the average response time

So like it or not, Nodejs has been getting stronger so that every software developer should get a basic understanding of it.

2. Web apps replace native mobile apps

web app development

Great advantages of web apps

Nowadays a lot of software need to synchronize data on different platforms (mobile and desktop). This means our code needs to be as efficient as possible to ensure it used to run on all the platforms. Many services start out as web apps for better user-experience, especially since web app development is faster and easier to update. Users can also instantly try out web apps without having to install anything, so that eliminates a step in the funnel. If there’s a change, you don’t need to return to the app store, begging for a quick review of a bug fix. If you may want to create either desktop applications or web applications, .NET is a great choice.

3. Chatbots will stay strong and even become bigger

Instant messaging (IM) apps (or chatbots) was one of the biggest trends last year. Facebook Messenger is one of the three most popular applications in the US, the global user count of WeChat has gone beyond 500 million, and other leading messaging apps are also showing strong adoption and growth figures. Smartphones users spend over 85% of their mobile time in apps, only 5 applications include Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat see heavy use as they have over 2 billion active users combined. In 2018, they’re expected to continue the evolution with many more IM/ chat apps to be launched at the stores with various functions.

chatbot IM technology

Chatbots make life more convenient

Due to the fact that businesses always seek easier ways to interact with their target customers. This year Facebook and Kik launched Chatbot platforms enabling companies to build lightweight apps run in messenger environment that use the artificial intelligence technology to answer simple users’ questions and deliver them relevant contents. Several top players including General Electric, Pizza Hut, Uber, and Sephora have already built bots to interact with customers this way. So, it’s predicted that as more companies will jump on creating chatbots and will soon become one of the most revolutionary trends in mobile business app development — and a new challenge for software vendors.

4. Cloud-support preference

cloud support preference

Microsoft cloud support

It has been estimated that the applications with reliable cloud support (server-side backend support) are preferred by nearly 75% of all smartphone users worldwide. The main reason is to free up space and sync mobile apps to multiple devices without any loss of data and/or other usability problems. In addition, they are fast, secure and effective for apps that have heavy graphics and functions. can be built without any restriction

With extensive use of cloud-based technologies, developers will get more flexibility in coding, testing and shorten the launching time for their applications.

5. Security & privacy is strongly focused

privacy security

Security and privacy will be improved

As the mobile app industry has grown, so have the number of security threats and attacks have become bigger. Therefore, this year, app makers tend to emphasize more on security.

At this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), it was announced that it will become mandatory for ALL iOS applications to have the robust App Transport Security, or ATS, feature by the 1st of January. Importance has also been placed by Apple developers on implementing stronger data encryption in new apps. Despite being slightly more suspect with much fragmentation, security on the Android platform will also be growing stronger, as Google attempt to use a much more granular app permissions model and automatic security updates on the new Android versions.

6. Innovation of Location-based services (LBS) and Apps that use GPS

location based service

Invasion of local-based services

As Pokemon Go became a phenomenon this year, Augmented Reality (AR) couples well with GPS proved to be a vital tool for mobile apps development.

Professional mobile app developers report that they are receiving a large number of projects for new apps that use the location-tracking/navigation functionality of handsets. Using this technology, mobile applications can deliver essential information, novel experiences and greater value to users, so as to enhance the engagement levels of the software. Last year, companies like Uber, as well as other retail and travel sectors, have made the most benefits of this feature.

In spite of the security concerns, users becoming more open to the idea of letting their locations be known and tracked by web apps. Therefore, iOS and Android mobile app developers have the license to explore more in this territory.

7. Android Instant Apps to become a new trend

Android instant app

The concept of Instant Apps is predicted to be an explosion in 2018

Google recently announced its Instant Apps feature that promises to enable Android apps to run instantly. You do not have to wait for them to be downloaded, waste data for installation or use precious memory space on the phone to store them. This concept is expected to change the app industry. Although Instant Apps give a preview in general with a few advanced features missing, they are perfect for quick insight and experience.

8. Renting instead of buying

renting or buying

Should you rent or buy your IT resources?

Companies used to purchase their own computers, hire their own staff to run and manage their own data center. Nowadays it is a better idea to rent the computers, the data center, the staff, and even the software. Fortunately, outsourcing companies are flourishing these days with full support and great quality. Find out reasons why you should outsource your project and how to get a start.


These new trends are what makes programming an endlessly fascinating profession. Here’s at MobyteLab, we embracing change and being aware of new trends in software development. We believe that it is the best way to stay relevant and marketable. There will be not a more wonderful time to experience these future-leading trends with us!


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