What is a Dispatch Software, and How Does it Help the Transport Company?

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What is a Dispatch Software, and How Does it Help the Transport Company?

We’re in a new era, where technology is the mastermind behind development in all facets of life, and software is the driving force. From agriculture to education, health, and even transportation, its effects are evident.

Fortune five companies, small-scale enterprises, and even startups get to handle a lot of data and communication quotidianly, and their growth and scalability are greatly dependent on how effectively they handle them.

Fact sheets developed based on research carried out among customers in the United States of America showed that about 82% of them quit transacting with companies they previously patronized, due to unsatisfactory customer service. Whereas, in a survey carried out in 2013, over 86% of customers indicated their willingness to pay more, to enjoy a better customer experience.

This said transport companies can offer better customer experience when they utilize tailor-made transportation dispatch software.

This blog post seeks to explain what dispatch software is, and how it can help the transport company.

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What is a dispatch software?

Dispatch software is a digital solution that simplifies and facilitates the assigning of employees, and the delivery of services to customers. Depending on individual organizational requirements, a dispatch software may handle the tracking of the location of equipment, scheduling of appointments, tracking of inventory, and even employees out in the field.

In line with the central idea of this blog post, transportation dispatch software is a digital tool that is designed to efficiently handle the activities of transportation and mobile field companies. They’re tailored to meet the needs of the transportation industry to see to its very needs which may include but are not limited to leveraging on personnel scheduling and dispatch to help manage more trips, decrease call volume, and providing more timely, and accurate reporting.

Through specialized features, transportation software enables companies in the transport business to cut costs and improve productivity while handling quotidian planning, route scheduling and optimization of fleets in real-time. A taxi booking app like Uber is one good example of transportation software that improves productivity by way of boosting customer satisfaction.

What is a dispatch software?

What is a dispatch software?

What are the Benefits of a Transportation Dispatch Software?

While we know that a transportation dispatch software oversees the effective management of different transportation types ranging from buses, shipping, airlines, and moving companies, there are still a lot of benefits that concomitant with it. They include:

1. Swift Response Capabilities

Running into problems in business now and then is inevitable, especially when it has to do with transportation that involves a lot of movement. While it is a few clicks from impossible to avoid every bit of problematic eventuality, it is possible to be forearmed so when the problems are encountered, it becomes easier to solve them, move on, and keep your customers happy.

With real-time tracking capability (which happens to be just one of the many features of a transportation dispatch software) which makes it possible to track both the status and location of each driver, problems such as breakdown on the road can be swiftly discovered and attended to appropriately.

2. Better Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of every business, and it is closely tied to quick and accurate delivery. Through one study, it was discovered that 25% of customers get to abandon/disregard shopping or services from a company if delivery (especially same-day delivery) is not as quick, accurate and seamless as they expect.

Transport dispatch software helps ensure that companies do not lose customers as well as money due to poor and inaccurate deliveries. It makes this possible through real-time monitoring of performance. Through an online portal (just as in a taxi booking app like Uber), that provides all necessary info as well as automatic billing, dispatchers can meet all delivery requests without needing to waste time due to location, or paperwork.

3. Flexibility

Normally, as companies continue to grow and their customer base increases, the information handled also increases well, and this brings about dispatch management complexity. Lots of errors and as a result, If the company does not have reliable systems to place and handle them, it will lead to customer dissatisfaction

Transport dispatch software is scalable, i.e, they can adapt to fit and meet the requirements of the company as it grows bigger and complex. What’s more, as the needs of different transport companies are unique, the software can be tailored to match and carter for the exact need.

4. Increased Supply Chain Efficiency

Because Transportation dispatch software provides avails companies the ability to track inventory, drivers and numerous other processes, it can increase supply chain efficiency. Moreover, with these processes being tracked, the amount of time it takes to deliver services to customers gets reduced, thus, increasing the number of completed jobs which ultimately skyrockets earnings. With this software, companies can successfully eliminate the time that would otherwise have been put into planning routes, manually tracking vehicles, and organizing a schedule for drivers.

So, in a nutshell, transportation software assigns specific jobs to specific technicians in the most efficient way achievable, leading to better overall performance.

Benefits of a Transportation Dispatch Software

Benefits of a Transportation Dispatch Software

Must-Have Features of a Transport Dispatch Software

While just about any transport dispatch software, be it a taxi booking app like Uber, or an Uber-eats clone, offers many great features, it doesn’t guarantee that it will meet a company’s specific needs. This is why it is very important to know which features best match the needs of your company. Figuring this out will help simplify your decision making when deciding which vendor to work with.

Must-have features for your transport company might include the following:

1. Mapping and GPS Tracking

The GPS tracking and mapping capabilities are one of the most important features of transport dispatch software, and it’s a must-have for every company in the transport business. This is due to the importance of status and location monitoring of drivers.

Utilizing advanced routing, and traffic predictions, the GPS tracking feature provides real-time info on traffic conditions. This enables the drivers to determine the shortest possible route to take at any point in time. It also gives you complete visibility enabling you to see the exact location of your drivers, routes they’re taking and speed as well.

2. Automated Notifications

Tracking all shipments in real-time, especially for very large fleets is a daunting task. However, utilizing transport dispatch software with the automated notifications feature inclusive helps simplify the entire process. With this feature, monitoring the status of your drivers all day becomes easier, as updates come in now and then.
This feature also makes it possible for dispatchers to receive notifications about scheduled deliveries, and even scheduling problems ahead of time. It makes problem-solving a lot easier, and faster.

What’s more, the automated notifications feature automatically tracks the individual performance of drivers, such insights make it easy to spot areas that require development.

3. Easy Accessibility: Mobile Access

Mobile applications serve as an efficient communications channel for the enablement of good information exchange between the staff of the company, drivers and dispatchers. It also collects and stores data, as well as provides automatic updates about scheduled shipments, travel routes and even more. This ultimately eliminates the time that would otherwise be spent on filling out paperwork.

With mobile applications, managers can enjoy easy access to data from drivers updated automatically. Also, managers can rest assured that errors will be little to non-existent by updated automatically data.

4. Quality Billing Support

Billing is one aspect of the transportation business that gives some serious headaches, especially when working with a large fleet. Luckily, with a dispatch software that comes along with the billing support functionality, this difficulty has vanished, so that more time will be allocated to other tasks of high importance. This functionality makes for the easy computation of costs having to do with all transportation from both the customer’s and company’s angle. It does this very quickly and accurately.

5. Automated Scheduling

Automatic scheduling handles the assignment of drivers to loads. Because the system is smart, without waste of time associated with manual decision making, it identifies and assigns the right driver to the right job. This improves efficiency and productivity, as the time that would have been wasted is put into more important tasks instead. Most transportation dispatch software with this functionality provides maps, charts, and other visual displays that make for easy job assignments.

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How to Choose Dispatch Software

Getting to choose which dispatch software to integrate into a transportation company can be very challenging, as a lot of leading transportation dispatch software comes with a wide range of seemingly important features.

So, how do you choose one that rightly fits your company’s needs? You can do this by providing answers to the following questions:

  1. What tasks do I want my software to accomplish for me?
  2. Do you want better visibility for all your staff (office & field) so they can better serve your customers?
  3. Do you need an automated schedule and dispatch feature, so you can take care of more trips?
  4. Are you receiving way too many calls and need to cut down your call volume?
  5. Or do you just need a software that can handle manually generated data, timely and accurately?

Business owners should answer these questions as they would help in the decision-making process. After all, while just about any dispatch tool will help, the right tool picked for the right tasks, and in the right hands, will grow any business.

Taxi app solution, Taxi management software, Taxi app development

Taxi app solution, Taxi management software, Taxi app development


In the world of transportation today, where demand is increasing and people want a large fleet with delivering just right, the management process has become more and more complex. Because of this, one of the easiest ways out is making use of transportation dispatch software.

While this is an effective solution, choosing software that fits your company-specific needs is key to enjoying all the associated benefits. Though this can be often challenging, there’s an easy way out; your company needs software developed specifically. This way, features that match your company’s every single need will be developed. This is the best way to go.

Are there challenges you experience in your transport company, or difficulties having to do with choosing a dispatch software you have? Let us know via the comment section and we will get right back to you.


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