Which qualifications to consider to choose the best candidate or agency?

MobyteLab News   •   Jan 6, 2018

Which qualifications to consider to choose the best candidate or agency

Selecting the right outsourcing partner can be a headache. Everyone would say good words that you may want to hear, but not everyone can satisfy you in every room of the project. Mobytelab would like to share some tips which can help individuals and businesses select the right outsourcing vendor for IT services. Before signing a contract with an outsourcing company, do interviews to make sure they have the following qualifications:

5 qualifications of the best candidate for IT outsourcing agency

1. True ability 

To build a good external team, you should ensure that they’re capable of providing high-quality work and have the resources that are going to contribute to your business. Their skills should be examined carefully with the same attention to detail as for your in-house employees. After all, you’re paying for their services, so you have the right to ensure that they can really provide you with the best results that you aim for.

In many cases, you may prefer people who are professionals in their own markets. They can provide you helpful guideline and advice if something bad ever happens. These people are sure not to come cheap, but they’re worth the investment.

2. Preferences and experiences

In order to avoid risks and slow progress, give priority to those who have done the task before. Not only they have more experiences to put things in the right way and easily but also have tons of solutions to the common problems.

You can check this by asking their existing clients and customers, request references, samples of their work and a detailed record of their experience and work history to date.

3. Push you forward

Don’t choose a partner who plays with you, choose the one who is ready to win with you. It means he doesn’t simply complete what you ask for but also be willing to motivate you and suggest you with some brand new ideas to ensure that the end-product will turn out to be the best. Customer expectations across the board are progressive. You need your partner to be fast and aggressive to be able to move along and even lead the flow. If you’re not pushing the ball forward, you’re losing your bread to someone.

4. Creative and flexible

You need to be sure that the partners to be willing to change if necessary and go in multiple directions at once. Put aside outsourcing company who still convince that one side of anything fits everything. It’s so out-of-fashion. Everything today needs to be creative and flexible to suit the precise and very exacting needs of each customer.

5. Have good understanding and reliability

Choosing an outsourcing company is like choosing a partner. And “partner” means they understand that you’ve been working, and be reliable. Even if they’re considered as your external team, they’re still a part of your project. So it’s essential to have a good harmony between you and your outsourcing partner to make sure that the workflow runs smoothly.

Our opinion

There are sure to have more things to define which outsourcing IT company should you choose but these qualifications above are to remember to step on the successful road.

At Mobytelab, we understand that outsourcing is now not only intended to save you time and effort but also contributing to the success and growth of your business. So it’s worth taking time and care when selecting candidates or agency who will be responsible for the achievement of your business.


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