Why do I Need to Outsource My Project ?

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Why do I Need to Outsource My Project ?
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In this fast-changing business environment, it is not easy to handle everything on your own perfectly within budget and time. Thankfully, many outsourcing agencies are out there to help. Outsourcing has become a useful business tool nowadays for companies of all shapes and sizes, especially for startup companies.

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You may hear some argue that doing all the works on your own would be faster and easier, which begs you the question “Why do I need to outsource my project?”. But when it comes to something that is not your cup of tea and may cost you a large number of resources like mobile app development, you can see the point.

There is a fact that 70% of companies all over the world are using IT outsourcing and the future of in-house IT is looking bleak may also give you consideration of outsourcing your software development. And if you still want to write down “pros and cons”, MobyteLab will provide you with the top reasons you should add to the “pros” column.

Why do I need to outsource my project?

1. Operational and labour costs reduction

Let’s be honest, the very first thought you’ve ever made when considering outsourcing your project is to lower costs. This is also listed as one of the chief reasons.

The cost when outsourcing is typically less than what it would cost to do the same work internally, which means you have to build a system of fixed assets including technical equipment, software, working space as well as hiring staffs and paying for their salaries, income taxes, health insurances, etc. Outsourcing agency has those things available, and not to be said, much more professional.

Once free up internal resources that could be put to more effective use, you can reduce product cost and enhance your competitiveness in the market.

In fact, the majority of doing-outsource companies have been able to cut down 20–30% of the software development cost including mobile app development and website/web app development.

2. Do more with your core business & start a project immediately

“Companies need to keep their eyes on the prize, which means focusing on the business, not on the technology that runs the business.” — said Brian Honigman, CenturyLink.

If you do all of your software developments internally, you have to handle a bunch of different technical priorities. Outsource means to delegate you-know-they-will-do-better-than-you work, which in this case is software development, to your outsourcing agency. Washing your hands off functions that are difficult to manage will release valuable time and resources, which let you mainly focus on your core functions instead of troubleshooting software and user issues. This advantage allows you to be more efficient in your work.

In the situation of the tough market nowadays, your business faces risks with every action it takes. For startup companies, every risk can beat you out. Outsourcing is the key to share the risk burden. You’re offloading some of these risks to your outsourcing agency and let them assume and manage for you, which allows your company to be more agile, flexible and dynamic. An experienced software development agency also can help you avoid costly mistakes.

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4. Round-the-clock service

Having the advantage of human coordination is obviously a big strength of an outsourcing agency. Your employees may have personal leave or resign, while you need to ensure workloads are not interrupted. Outsourcing agency always has contingency choices for personnel issues to ensure that works are operated continuously and smoothly. Therefore, some of them can now offer longer and more flexible service hours, some even offer 24/7 support.

5. Improving the quality of services through innovation and flexibility

If you have limited resources and experiences in software development, especially in iOS app development or Android app development, you may have difficulty meeting your business needs, as the world of technology changes rapidly.

However, processes that are not the core of your business, are core processes for outsourcing agency. Therefore, they have most likely to deliver the highest quality of service in this area. The agency will provide you with higher levels of technology and resources that are not available internally, which helps you to expand your business.

In this competitive market, outsourcing agency is continuously investing in new technologies and improving quality in an effort to remain at the forefront. Reaping the benefits from this will help you up-to-date with the latest software technology and advanced processes.

6. Experienced People on board

Last but not least, you may not have enough budget to hire experts or skilled employees to devote in all areas of your business. By outsourcing to the right agency, you can have the right talents for where and when you need it. You can also save a lot of time and money from building a training system but still have experts who give you software development strategies right away.

If you’ve made a decision to jump right into this outsourcing thing, think carefully as reading tips to find out your best outsourcing agency below:


There are many reasons depending on your vision and purpose for your decision of choosing to outsource your project or not. But it is undeniable that in an increasingly competitive market, many companies have found outsourcing a beneficial technique and been successful. If done well, outsourcing not only helps to reduce costs, but also add flexibility to the technology teams, and that’s one way to grow intelligently.

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