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Scale your business the digital way.

Developing a restaurant app is an effective way of displaying what a restaurant has to offer to the world. Restaurants now utilize mobile app technology for their day-to-day business as they see its importance more clearly every day.

Why should you have a mobile app for your restaurant?

The more sensible question is why not?

People are continuously looking for ways to make the most use of their time, so an ever-increasing number of people are now relying on mobile apps to perform transactions. If they cannot book a meal from your restaurant from the comfort of their homes or offices, they will simply patronize some other restaurant that can afford them that luxury.

Adopt and experience great restaurant app development services and see your business grow. Partner with MobyteLab, one of the best app development company today and experience the real deal.

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Benefits restaurant app development services bring to your business

influence quality decision making based on analyzed charts

Higher Flexibility

Get to experience a significant increase in customer base and web application engagement with the utilization of highly fashionable and attractive restaurant application by our experienced team of developers who are capable of providing an offline access feature to your application.

facilitate order placement

Increase Business Versatility

Almost every home has a mobile device in our world today, and the smartest and fastest way to scale your business is to take it to them. This can be done through the one thing that stays with them at all times; their mobile devices. Our restaurant apps spiced with really interesting features can increase your business penetration across smartphone users as it not only functions effectively across several platforms but offers exciting user experience.

track oder analytics, financial app development

High Scalability

The scalability of your industry or business is certain with our restaurant app development services handled by our team of experts as we only create apps that are compatible with all mobile devices, hence making your reach unbeatable.

Through the best-in-line apps developed by our highly skilled and experienced team of developers and designers, users can perform numerous actions such as:

  1. One-click shopping
  2. Easy order placements
  3. Simplified payment procedures

These apps which can be accessed both on your iOS and Android devices are a form of collaborative development as both the business owners and their clients interact and carry out transactions on the app.

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Our development process stays the same, to listen and understand the needs of our client, make great inclusions and with great skill and experience combined, develop outstanding websites that will bridge the gap between organizations and customers. Be it a startup, medium or large scale enterprise, with our skilled and dedicated developers your success is our mission. With over 4 years of experience in rendering web development services for individuals and organizations across the globe, we have completed over 50 successful projects that made waves and recorded higher success rates for the organizations in concern.


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Tap into the lucrative benefits that come with restaurant app development

Understanding the needs of your end users or customers is one thing, but providing authentic and long-lasting solutions to the problems associated with delivery becomes a little difficult. This difficulty arises as a result of the technical expertise and innovation required to keep the organization connected to the target audience. MobyteLab offers certain services structured to help strengthen the bond between an organization and its clients/customers through the development of enticing user experience.

Our services include but not limited:

restaurant menu app development

Restaurant Menu App Development

recipe restaurant app development

Recipe App Development

Restaurant Dashboard App Development

Restaurant Dashboard App Development

restaurant point of sale app development

Restaurant Point of Sale App Development

Food Delivery App Development

Food Delivery App Development

restaurant food order app development

Restaurant Food Order App Development

recipe sharing social app development

Recipe Sharing Social App Development

find a place to go restaurant app development

Find a Restaurant to Go App Development

These apps enhance the process of order placements by making it easier & quicker. Through our classy restaurant app development services, your decisions can be made very quickly based on chart analysis.

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Our restaurant mobile apps come packed with the following features

ordering and payment restaurant app development

The inclusion of online ordering and payments

We create an app where your UI includes all the necessary functions including placing orders and making payments through the use of mobile transfer.

location based for Restaurant app development

GPS features

The restaurant mobile app includes GPS and location tracking functions whereby potential customers can easily track and locate the restaurant on their mobile devices.

social media sharing app development, finance app development

Mobile device compatibility

In the development of the restaurant mobile app, we take into consideration the Operating Systems (OS) of the users’ mobile device, their screen sizes, memory and create an app easily adjustable to suit those features. Both iOS and Android phones are covered.

table booking Restaurant App Development

Table booking features

It includes features where potential customers can place reservations and book tables in advance.

Portal for Restaurant App development

Admin portals

This feature enables the admins to view statistics, handle orders, delivery, and payments and make necessary changes.

push notification for Restaurant App Development

Push notifications

These notifications keep your clients up to date with the offerings of your restaurant.

Get to experience maximum growth in your business through these media.

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Why choose MobyteLab for your restaurant mobile app development services?

User-friendly UI

At MobyteLab, we develop apps that are simple for the end user to operate. Our apps come with a convenient UI and are easy to navigate.

Confidential and Secure

We create restaurant mobile apps that have end-to-end encryption. You don’t have to worry about bugs or hackers as our apps are highly secure.

High Performance

Our restaurant mobile apps are high performance and undergo regular/continuous optimization.

Our team of experts would develop your app making sure that user experience is at its optimum level.

Brush every thought of complexity aside and let Mobytelab help you provide your clients/customers with wonderful experiences.

At MobyteLab, we greatly consider your success, our business!

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Why we care?

We consider every client important, be you an individual with a personal project, a co-operation with a goal or a fortune 500 organization. We believe that every single idea is important and can impact positively on the lives of citizens of the world.

Again we know that if your project is successful you might come back to us for a repeat business or you might tell a friend about your experience, so it is in our best interest to help you be successful. We at MobyteLab consider your success our success.

We provide you with a great experience and make you reach your goals easily by offering the latest app features, functionality and marketing strategy.

If you have got an idea you need to be validated, don’t hesitate to share it with us, your ideas are 100% protected by our non-disclosure agreement. We look forward to hearing from you and making your project a reality.

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Ilir Pruthi, Founder of DiasporaTV, MobyteLab's customer

Working with MobyteLab has been a distinct pleasure and honor for me and my company. MobyteLab delivers quality work on time and on budget. As with all projects, you need to have a good plan going in but I have always had help when I needed to make modifications to our technical specs in order to achieve desired functions.


Mobytelabs is probably the best mobile development firm in Vietnam and I’d say their passion for technology and software development is world class. I highly recommend Binh and his team for any mobile development needs. They will always go above and beyond to ensure the project is delivered successfully and on time.

Marshall Taplits, SPAXTEL
James, Co-Founder of Factfour, MobyteLab's customer

The team at MobyteLab are always great to work with and we trust them to deliver a quality product every time. They are professional, thorough and very easy to deal with. We would recommend MobyteLab to anyone looking for quality app developers at a good rate.

Roel, Founder of Sqoony, MobyteLab's customer

As an IT company ourselves, we were skeptical to outsource our mobile development to optimize our apps, but MobyteLab was highly recommended by many other companies we know. MobyteLab helped us with a high quality of coding, on time and on budget, the result being better than expected! I would recommend MobyteLab to any company that is in need of experienced mobile developers.

Roel van Kempen, Sqoony

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