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Our Expertises

UI/UX Design
With a wide range of Android development tool that gives us room to limitless possibilities, we develop high-performance android applications that function effectively on all Android devices. We aim to give your business a face in the most successful mobile platform currently available.
Mobile App Development
Always, with the latest technology, we develop highly flexible and interactive iOS applications that promote your business and keep you ahead of competitions. We develop iOS apps to meet user expectation which will improve engagements and boost conversion.
web app development
A website is the mouthpiece of a business that speaks in the absence of a sales personnel. It is an effective and perfect platform for converting sales. Our task is to provide web development services that give businesses an edge in the ever-competitive business world.
react native app development
With the unique set of features and expanded capabilities that come with Reactive, we provide mobile app development services that reinforce your digital presence by using only the best development practices to grow your business.

How We Do

MobyteLab is a futuristic software design and development company that creates mobile and web applications. We are a team of highly-skilled, creative and experienced designers always willing to help you polish your app/web ideas in the best ways that will ensure high traffic and maximum downloads. An all-around success in one project is assured with MobyteLab.
If you are looking to develop a Mobile application (iOS or Android), web application or Wearable design that will be engaging, secure, and sustainable on whatever platform it is hosted, MobyteLab has you as an individual, or organization covered.
We produce innovative and groundbreaking apps for both iOS and Android that never fail to speak volumes on the App Store. Our apps are always beautiful and attractive, highly functional and most of all, affordable. What else could you ask for?
With our team of experts, we are capable of developing top-notch applications that are highly interactive, user-friendly, and digitally transformative. Every single app we have created has been a success, we can make apps you have only been able to imagine a reality, we can make it your success story.
At MobyteLab, if you can think it, we can create it for you.
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Beyond iOS and Android app development we offer:

wearable app development
Wearable App Development
IoT App Development
iBeacon App Development
iBeacon App Development
HTML5 App Development
graphic design
UI/UX Design
quality assurance
Quality Assurance

We Serve You Better

While other development companies associate with you on business terms only, we go beyond that ideology that business should be just business. We try to visualize your dream app, analyze, weigh and discuss the possibility of its success or failure because, in the end, our goal goes beyond just building your app for your expenses made, but building that app that will make your success story. At MobyteLab we consider the success of your app our success and beyond business, we care!
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Make Your Dream Come True

If you have a mobile or web app idea in your head or paper, you are on a path to success. Advancing continuously on this path of success, however, totally depends on the development company you choose to share your idea with.
Your idea might be worth a million dollar but working with a company that is not worth your idea can cost you everything. The company you choose to work with will determine how far up the success rope your idea will take you.
For your idea to be a complete success you need:
  • A company you can trust: A company that would not disclose or claim your idea.
  • A creative company capable of designing a highly-functional, flexible and user-friendly UI and UX that will captivate your target audience at first sight.
Besides having a wonderful group of dedicated, patient and skilled developers always willing to work towards transforming your beautiful ideas into an app that will match user expectation, we are willing to provide a fully signed NDA for your Project’s confidentiality.
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Our Solutions


mCommerce App Development
Build eCommerce Solution
Redefine your business growth through e-commerce solutions from s top e-commerce web development company
e-learning app development
Build mLearning Solution
Get top-notch m-learning application development services for educational and business support
real-estate app development
Build Real-estate Solution
Get the best real-estate solutions for high scalability and performance in business.
build enterprise solution
Build Enterprise Solution
Offers high performing, feature-packed enterprise app development services for iOS, Android & web, tailored to meet your business needs.
restaurant app solution
Build Restaurant Solution
Adopt and experience great restaurant app development services and see your business grow.
build healthcare solution
Build Healthcare Solution
Tracking their health through a series of apps from fitness to heart rate tracking.
build on-demand solutions
Build On-demand Solution
Benefit from the best methods of on-demand app development through cutting-edge mobile technology.
build social network solution
Build Social Network Solution
Benefit from the most innovative & creative social network app development and consulting service on the market.
build entertainment app solution
Build Entertainment Solution
Experience a wide range of mobility solutions for media and entertainment.
build finance app solution
Build Financial Solution
Redefine your business growth with a dynamic financial app development for simplifying & streamlining business communication.
build news app solution
Build News App Solution
Create new and refreshing experiences for your clients/customers through news app development services.
build travel app solution
Build Travel App Solution
Expose your clients/customers to the best of the best travel experiences via mobytelab’s travel app development services.



Our Web App/Website Development Process

At Mobytelab, we utilize a method of web development which ensures a perfect web app/website and let our clients have a knowledge of what we do and how it looks at almost every step of the way.

Our process of delivery begins first from listening. We work towards understanding your exact idea, and once this is achieved, we polish it with creativity and mock up a prototype of the idea that once resided in your head so it is visible on a screen for your review. Once you approve the prototype, we further polish the UI/UX design and improve the functionality and then execute the web app/website upgrade for the final conceptual approval.  After your final approval, we perform a series of quality-control tests and then launch your web to the server and provide all needed post-launch support for your web.

wearable app development
2nd step in app development
iBeacon App Development
4th step in app development
graphic design
quality assurance

We believe this process of development lets you have a realistic view and feel of what the final product will be like, and also gives you the opportunity to suggest changes and improvements to your app – something other companies do not do.

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What makes us different

While most development companies lay focus mainly on the aesthetics of your app, we walk the extra mile to provide the necessary functionality to bridge the gap between your users/customers and your business. We try to visualize your idea, analyze, weigh and discuss the possibility of its success or failure and make creative inclusions to make it stand out. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible solutions to your impending IT problems. At Mobytelab, we consider the success of your app our success and beyond business, we truly care! Over a period of 4 years, we have been able to make:

50 Successful Projects Delivered


Successful Projects Delivered
10 Loyal Customers


Loyal Customers
3 Long-term Partners


Long-term Partners
30 Satisfied Customers


Satisfied Customers
100+ Successful Apps


Successful Apps

What Technology we cover here

wordpress site development
Wordpress Site Development
nodejs web app development
Nodejs Web App Development
Angularjs Web App Development
Angularjs Web App Development
expressjs nodejs web app development
Expressjs Web App development
reactjs web app development
Reactjs Web App Development
php web development
PHP Web App Development

Featured Expertises


iOS app development expertise
iOS App Development
Android App Development
Android App Development
React Native app Development
React Native App Development
Web App Development
Web App Development



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